The "Is that value I see?" thread.....

These type of houses feature in the US House Hunters programme all the time in the likes of Colorado and Texas etc… brutal looking monstrosities IMHO of course!!! They wouldn’t be the first to download US house plans from the internet during the boom!!!

I disagree. Some people, like myself, like a lot of space: one room, one function. Some people love throwing parties. It looks like a great party house, if one could persuade anyone to travel out that far. I’d be optimistic that people would travel that far for a good old party a couple of times a year.

This is a house that looks like it allows for family living (I would imagine, with all that square footage, that there must be a family room in addition to the photographed living room) but which also allows one to entertain on a large scale. Very rarely does one get a dining room anywhere in Ireland that allows more than 6 people be comfortably seated at the one table at the same time.

Some of us like the idea of feeding 14 people at a time, and not just the customary 2-6.

I also love the shebeen.

isnt that beside a number of illegal landfills with buried haz waste an possibly more…
location location location … 11907.html

Someone from the Herald must have been reading this thread :slight_smile:

The fact that anybody would fail to understand why this house is priced as it is really should read up on ‘Louis Moriarty’, ‘Dublin Waste’, ‘A1 Waste’, ‘Des Richardson’, ‘Anthony Dean’, ‘Bertie Ahern’, ‘Eddie Sheehy’… A tangled tale that blights the area.

Is this particular house linked directly to anyone involved in it?

Certainly not that I’m aware of.

The EPA got a court order that the waste be properly disposed of but as far as I know it hasn’t happened. Maybe it’s not an issue for a lot of people, but I couldn’t live with it.

sale agreed, descent price, moved relatively fast

Three bed in googleville for €195?

At €500 a bed it looks like over 9%. Am I missing something? Sounds like alsop level of returns?

it had me interested!!!

was going to go for a gander but EA sent me text that it’d gone sale agreed

hopefully sign of things to come

4 bed house in one of the best locations in rathfarnham.

better proposition than the Old Distillery IMHO … -8/1611258

64 Bridgewater Quay, Islandbridge, Dublin 8
€150,000 - 2 Bed Apartment For Sale

Own door apartment with patio area
Residents disc parking available for two cars
Beautifully maintained communal grounds
Electric storage heating
Service Charge €1,300 pa

Fairly striking price for a great location alright.

But the layout looks very problematic - no downstairs bathroom, small kitchen in a back extension, limited reception space downstairs. Windows look needing done too. Can’t be sure, but I also think the back garden is NE facing (open to correction on that though.)

But all that looks priced-in in fairness.

I decided to have a look at this house, and there is a good bit of work to be done. The windows are single glaze steel framed so all need replacing. Also, there’s no central heating. The kitchen needs rework to have better use of the space.
The back garden is virually directly north facing.

Pretty realistic asking price is attrcting a lot of viewers.

No it east facing but my god it’s the noisiest garden I’ve been in in a long time. The traffic on the n81 could be heard clear and loud. Fairly overlooked too.

The windows are a problem. They’re the original single glazed steel windows. In the main bedroom the entire glass pane is cracked. The wind was howling through. The house needs major insulation too. I suspect you’d end up having ti do internal dry lining which would loose precious cm in those narrow rooms.

That said! It’s a fine house. I would be interested -after another price drop.

Agent says there is an offer of 335 if they’ve any sense they’ll grab it

Looks interesting - according to EA, 400k will take this off the market (136 euro per st ft), In need of complete renovation though… … -8/1544225

That is some set of ears you have to pick up traffic noise across a hosuing estate, a small park, a river and another row of houses…

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You do know the templeogue road is the n81? Ie just over the park at the back of the house.