The "Is that value I see?" thread.....

Apt 85 Ballintyre Meadows, Ballinteer Avenue, Dublin 16
€525,000 - 3 Bed Apartment 245 m² / 2637 ft² For Sale … 16/3531020

I’ll take two at that price. Let’s see what it actually sells for…

Especially seeing as its located on Dame lane according to the map on that ad. … in/3520161
29a Patrician Villas, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin, A94 HW3
€150,000 - 3 Bed Detached House For Sale

Fully built with windows, doors, etc. but requiring finishing and connection to mains sewrage

From quickly scanning through the planning application on council website, it appears as though the floor level of the house is below the ground level at the front of the site, thereby making it a flood risk… This could be quite costly to remedy, and would probably have to go through the entire planning process again, as PP has most likely lapsed…

Looks like a lovely apartment… 4k per anum management fees, ouch!

Crosthwaite Park West, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin

€950,000 - 5 Bed Terraced House 5000 ft² / 464.52 m² Circa €190/sq/ft

Just reduced by €300,000

Seems like a good price (the same agent has this tiny cottage, in a worse location on at more than 5 times the price per sq/ft)

Still think it’s good value, when compared to this? … in/3064978

The Octagon, Ardeevin Road, Dalkey, Co. Dublin. A96 H348
Price €895,000
3 bedrooms 1 bathroom 2 receptions … lkey/17931

I’ve always wanted an octagonal house.

Bit odd that the listing on both Lisney and Myhome says three beds but lists dimensions for four.

Garage, nice little garden, quiet location (presumably), 422/sqft. What’s wrong with it? Apart from not proper period and E2.

Is it mapped wrong?

I can only imagine what these houses would be worth on the London market. A relative of mine has had an ordinary 1 bed flat in an ordinary enough area of South London (Streatham) recently valued at £500k. Madness!

But you can see why any ex-pats selling a property in the London market could see these type of properties in Dublin still as a relative “bargain”.

This looks like a nice property with character and seems reasonable value compared to the ordinary enough 1950’s/1960’s 4 bed semi-d’s that sell for €600-700k or more in many areas of South Dublin.

Yes. I would take the Crosthwaite Park West house plus the €350,000 price difference (assuming of course the Crosthwaite house doesn’t have some major defect that isn’t apparent). Nicer location, bigger, reasonable aspect, no parking issues, square on doorstep, no constant traffic, no buses roaring by every three minutes, no train rattling , etc. I am sure it needs some work but €350k would go along way if it doesn’t need gutting.

On the other hand, if it does need gutting, then €350k probably wouldn’t cover half the bill.

Looks like a nice, albeit strange, house! Great location. Can see it selling for higher than asking, assuming no issues…

The Octagon looks like a great deal relative to the current market. I’d want to be sure of the pedestrian access right of way to Ardeevin Road but since they built a wall at the end of it this month I presume no issues. It isn’t the only house that uses the boreen from Cunningham Road so I presume there are no potential issues with the vehicular access right of way.

Oh, according to Lisney ad Octagon is “abundant with character and many original features of its era dating back to 1850” so maybe it is proper period after all.

I’ve held a belief for some time (and posted about it before) that Clontarf prices have not really gone anywhere since about 2013. The data probably says otherwise, but I was looking around then with a budget of 7-800k and all I remember was crappy bungalows.

Anyway, aside from the small bedrooms and the slightly rough looking rear this is quite appealing…

Bruach Na Mara, 72 Dollymount Avenue, Clontarf, Dublin 3
€760,000 (m²: €4342, ft²: €403) - 4 Bed Semi-Detached House 175 m² / 1884 ft² For Sale … -3/3609724 … 14/3626598
Lisnaree, Upper Kilmacud Road, Dundrum, Dublin 14
€395,000 - 3 Bed Semi-Detached House 88 m² / 947 ft² For Sale

Superb location, off-street parking, decent front garden and good rear garden. There will be a major new development built behind the house in the near future once they get planning, and there is a big college/school on one side of you, but all in all, hard to say it’s not a very attractive price even considering it needs work. For that kind of money you can only get a very dull semi of the same size in Broadford in Ballinteer, whereas this house is immeasurably better.

That does sound like good value. Predictions on the sale price? I’d say >450k
Edit: I’m referring to the Dundrum property

The Octagon property already has a sale agreed sign. Did anyone go to view it?

Socodu I was hoping no-one else would see that property. I’ll take it viewings will be mobbed with a bid 50k above asking now. Thanks for ruining my short lived dream