The "Is that value I see?" thread.....


74 Northbrook Avenue, Ranelagh, Dublin 6
€850,000 - 3175 ft² / 294.97 m² For Sale … -6/2869000

On what planet is this selling for only €850k (€268/sqft)? Yes, the Luas runs behind it, but it’s 3,100sqft+, is in good decorative order and has parking for around 3 cars and a huge detached garage too - all in the middle of Ranelagh. This seems like 2012 pricing in 2016… either i) they want the asking price to be blown out of the water in bidding wars or ii) it is falling apart, or iii) it isn’t seriously for sale.


Surely worth a lot more in the current market despite the over-proximity of the LUAS unless it has some sort of structural issues? The square footage quoted probably includes the various attached outbuildings. Without seeing it, another bonus would be that you could run a home offices/small business from that attached building/room currently is use as a gym.


AFAIK you can’t include an unconverted garage (such as this) or ‘attic’ space that doesn’t meet the criteria of being habitable space - so that 3,175sqft quoted should just be habitable space. Looking at the satellite I don’t find it hard to believe, as it’s the width of two semi’s, but deeper and has the attic converted (presumably meeting required standards). Attic conversion looks to have good ceiling height throughout thanks to use of steep mansard-style roof.


presume there is no way that this wont top 1m if it isnt falling down?


And the rest. Going rate is €500-600/sqft. I don’t think this will achieve that level for a few reasons (even though a standard semi-d next door would), primarily because the biggest/best house on an estate tends not to achieve as high a price per square foot as the much cheaper standard houses.


This is back up for sale €549, 000 - doesn’t look like it sold in 2010-2011 … 14/3488864
Since supply is so bad they might just get the asking price they want for it.


BTW there was a thread on number 75; it sold for 318k in 2012. No idea if they are comparable but they are not adjacent (opposite ends of the road). viewtopic.php?f=10&t=40304


The big issue would seem to be it has no curb appeal.

#2063 … -8/3751289
150k, 3 bed, Kilmainham - cash buyers only.

#2064 … -6/3595286

Reasonably spacious 2 bed in great location, and with parking, for ‘only’ 250k. Seems cheap, but has been on the market for some time. What’s the problem with this? Ex (current?) local authority? Anything else?




Er, yes. This is Ireland


Even then, 61sqm would be on the low end for 2 bed apartments, and over 20sqm below the planning rules limit for new ones. You see the occasional 2 bed that’s <60sqm, but they’re truly tiny.


if you can get that for 5-10% below asking it looks like value to me (all things being equal and accepting a modern irish conceptualisation of value). PPR has a couple of recent sales listed.


I owned a two bed that was 55m2 (at best). It was tiny, but actually fairly cosy (and bright).


Most two bed apartments also waste 4-5sqm on an ensuite which this one doesn’t.
Means the bedrooms end up a little bigger then in a standard tiny 2 bed apartment.

#2071 … n-1466893/

I know it doesn’t have the cachet of Malahide ( :unamused: ) but considering this is waterfront I’d have thought it’d get more than a very pedestrian gaff a few miles down the coast in Robswall etc


Here’s some gem:

400K for a total refurbish (or rather teardown and re-build) job in Rush, with zero details given. … n-1401573/

Price increase of 75K since it was listed. One really useless picture, no BER, no information about site size, gardens, etc.
All we now it is large’ish (180sqm) detached, requiring “remedial work” - which one could guess looking at the dated facade…

WTF bother putting an ad like this online?

#2073 … rd-1670092

seems nice enough, you certainly wouldn’t build it for 200k - a potentially large house - currently split over 2 apartments;

anyone know the town enough to comment?


Daft alert on Blackrock, Co. Dublin sent me this. I thought €140k looked reasonable, even for a small 3-bed mid-terrace burned out boarded up wreck.

… turns out it’s in Cork.