The Jordan Peterson Thread - The Architecture of Belief


It is true to say that Peterson’s high level economic and social views are the shakiest parts of his world view. You get the feeling he really instinctively hates the 1% movement or anything like it (because…Solzhenitsyn!). And he jibes that if you live in America or the West you’re part of the 1%. For that to be the case there’d need to be between 30 and 100 billion people on the planet.

I read his book recently. Some of it is brilliant in parts. Some of it is really boring. A lot of it is what you’d get in a good self-help book but with a high academic gloss. I can’t say that I understood it all, for example the references to Jahwist bible. To me the big thing that was missing was a personal understanding of death and bereavement, which is a big part of life and he seems to know nothing of. He talks about a friend’s suicide. But its not the same as losing parents or a child.


There’s also the small matter of PPP.


The fall - I dunno if anyone noticed but recently Jordan Peterson strayed into live political commentary and the results may have damaged “the brand” in some circles. :nin

Not sure if Voxday blog has ever been a fan (comments are worth a read) but here we see Jordan Peterson jump into the Kavanagh theatrics.

More recently in relation to the synagogue attack a tweet went down like a bomb in some fringe quarters, probably being of no great loss to him.

The Left have dearly grasped him as an important figure head to rail against while applying the trademark playground level logic to his activities and those whom might fall under his spell.

A good example of how the sides try to characterise Peterson as the enemy.

To the left he’s alt right to the right he’s an apologist for the left or something like that. :laughing:

In conclusion, I don’t think he’s got a good political brain, few do, very very few do (it must be something like 1-2% of the polpulation), this recent podcast was as good as awful. I can’t listen to it again but it appears he decided to leave his well established thesis on the shelf for this one giving the interviewee a pass (too many bad un-critical assumptions IMHO), maybe it was for the purposes of the interview and exploring the ideas or he was tired but I do not think so. Don’t take my word for it give it a listen, could just be me. :neutral_face:


Peterson pretty much nails it here when speaking of former substitute drama teacher and trust fund kid Justin Trudeau.


Hard to disagree with him on this, JP would hate Irish politics


The Peterson sceptics on the Right are gathering steam. Voxday is mentioned above by OW


Jesus, what happened to the Property Pin. Threads on swiveled eye loons like JP and Stefan Molyneax?
People will be taking Brendan Burgess seriously next.


Yea and folks consuming state & corporate media like its gospel!


Interesting 2018 assessment of JP from someone who knew him for 20 years (and has a “trans daughter”)


Jordan Peterson reverted to some drug to stabilise his depression and mental stability as the stress of his wife’s recent cancer battle took its toll on him.

His daughter released a video some time back to get ahead of any media after he checked in for rehab. Seems it was a physical addiction which maybe took him by surprise when reducing intake, so he checked himself in to deal with physical coming off for the support.

I haven’t checked back on this story but will
update it if someone else does not first.


I think his narcissism has been pointed out on this thread. Once you see it, his every utterance confirms it. I would tend not to fully believe anything he says. Does he have a drug problem ? Probably. Is his explanation substantially true ? Almost certainly not. That’s not how narcissists work.

And the daughter seems like a less intelligent version of him. And he’s not that intelligent - or he’d have written a clearer book.


Things are going from bad to worse for JP.

I’ve seen him admit antidepressants, but it is now said he’s on benzos for years. Which he never spoke of. All his ‘clean your room’ shite is falling apart. It should have been ‘clean your room and take benzos’.

We’re certainly not being told the full story of his addictions. My hunch is that he’s an ex-alcoholic. Possibly also taking Adderall for years.


Say what you want about JP, it’s still a good idea to dress your bed & clean your room.

I would wish him well and hope he recovers his health.


Say what you like about the bed, but he’s failed rules 2, 6, 7, 8, and 10 with this by my counting.

Rule 13 should be
Don’t select a whimpering, emotional, lying narcissist as your quasi father figure. He’ll disappoint.


I haven’t read that book. It’s clear he’s just a human, like the rest of us.


he’s just a human, like the rest of us.

Speak for yourself. :wink:


да. Это просто костюм крокодила.


Seems to be on the mend.

It seems he was prescribed drugs by doctors in the States to which he became addicted, following his wife having been diagnosed with terminal cancer.


From what I am told as I have’t looked into it he possibly nearly died on more than one occasion under US based treatment, so actively went to Russian to get treatment that didn’t involve more drugs to get him off other drugs.


Audio sample from a quite prescient book about JP written about a year ago. I had picked up on the narcissism and that the 12 rules for life are really directed at his own personal faults that he’s then universalizing them to everyone, but I had no idea of JP’s connections to the occult.