The Jordan Peterson Thread - The Architecture of Belief


That’s life, we invariably brush up against the Occult, even if we do not realise it cause that’s why it’s called “The Occult”! :icon_biggrin:

…btw what’s the timestamp for the Occult bit, I can’t seem to find it? :wink:


Unless you have a dustmite allergy. In which case, pull the quilt back, open blinds and window.


Either from around 1 -18 or for specific names around 1-35. But it’s only an abridgement of the book so the case must be made elsewhere.

JP is a poor, misguided, pitiable wretch really.


Looking back while considering the world today it’s clear to see how Jordan Peterson represented some form of preemptive iconoclastic spanner in the future works of the takeover agenda when he appeared on the scene introducing really awkward topics such as Freedom Of Speech, Tyranny, Gulags, Growing Up & Personal Responsibility but most heinous of all, GOD to the wider cybernetic-ally plugged-in-mass-mind, was as they say not in the game plan, these were not his lab rats to liberate, they were a generation never intended to be his flock to eulogise and pull back from the brink. How Dare he! :whistle:


No. He is a CAA represented, UN report writing globalist. He whimpers when nationalism is mentioned. He’s not the spanner. He’s a link in the chain - the purpose of his link is to keep young men from REALLY opening their eyes.


Maybe, I don’t have a problem with that view because I am familiar enough with those points but sometimes people are just well intentioned too. You could well be mostly right and for many they see him discredited or “alt right” or as one person put it “debunked!”, novel use of debunked but I digress. The Milo overlaps do shed some light, and they defoe took Milo out with rather typical rudimentary tactics.

You might also level at him or use as a proof, of spurious behaviour or intent, that writing a book about 12 rules for life when also professing an awe of the hard to top pretty darn good 10 commandments, GOD’s rules for life, to be a bit of the old forked tongue in action.

I did think he was not so hot on the old politics front but few are, really very few are who claim to be, but it’s a weird space in human realities or abilities to be any way proficient or insightful in politics because it’s like fighting over a lake of slime and on the face of it seems to make no sense, unless you believe in the slime.


Enjoyed reading his work, and stance on pronouns, early on. Given his background and troubled personal psychology, I wonder is he the Choamsky for the next generation? A woke read, but little effect…


My understanding of the term “woke”, means the likes of Jordan Peterson was seen as challenging the “woke” agenda, were “woke” became co-opted as a term more broadly applied and used within the progressive-left multi-spectrum-onslaught - to frame it in that wider sense, as case of Awake Vs Woke


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Suspect that it’s the person Peterson is talking to who must be banished from Youtube, as Peterson can talk to the Telegraph on Youtube, but that Stefan Molyneaux is a trouble maker. Putting up 4 hour presentations on the plantation of Ireland and project 2040. He had to go.


“I got… stupid me”


He says himself he is high verbal IQ, but not data / processing.


IIRC as per many comments around this video, he was sick and in a bad way, in hospital I think for a lot for 2020 and maybe since 2019, with the addictions. I didn’t follow that too closely but you can imagine anyone in a weakened physical and mental state would not be on top of things and, you can see he’s still recovering in recent videos, it took it out of him, and who knows, maybe the injections are now taking more out of him as they are so many people.


His essential problem/evilness is he’s an anti-Nationalist, Globalist. He has some moments of insight and a nice way of summing up things and his personality is fascinating because

  1. He’s clearly a narcissist
  2. But he’s emotional, whimpering about gulags etc
  3. He’s conflict avoidant, but has brought conflict on himself because he’s so scared the Woke crowd will provoke a Nationalist backlash that he tried to gatekeep a non nationalist opposition to woke
  4. He’s also clearly a dry drunk ex-alcoholic

The daughter is fascinating too. She’s like a low IQ version of him.


I think there is a video where he admits he let his ego run a little riot. I’ll link if I find it.

I think you’re missing something, that he too may have missed himself. It’s a dozy. Biblical really.


No he’s a narcissist. I could do a minute by minute analysis of one of his appearances on Joe Rogan to show this. The subtle grandiosity, the false modesty, the vanity. In fact his whole ‘We should act as if there is a God, but I won’t actually say there is one’ and ‘Hell is real, I’ve seen people in Hell’ (he means suffering) schtick is probably just his way to formulate his own version of Alcoholics Anonymous Higher Power concept. But of course he couldn’t just go to AA because he’s a narcissist and is too vain to submit. He had to invent his own version.

Reminder: it wasn’t just “Christian institutions” or"a Christian Framework" that built the West. It was men who believed in Christ.


Some interesting Twitter observations on Peterson etc

Hey Jordan, are you going to get your third shot?
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Dr Jordan B Peterson
· 12h
More of this. Throw off the bureaucratic yoke of safetyism. Live again.…

he was fine with the first two, fine with the lockdowns, fine with nearly two years of this shit. all of a sudden he has a change of heart?

People like Peterson have a lot of social clout. All it would take was a simple " you know what, i got this wrong, big time," and most of his fanbase would forgive him. Instead it’s just papering over his horrible takes, bad judgment, neurotic ramblings. Fuel for the fire.

good locked account friend reminds me that sign of cult leader is complete inability to recognize error, ever acknowledge fault. Does this sound like Peterson, Taleb or Scott Adams to you?

I think Peterson has done some good. I won’t say the same about Taleb or Adams. The problem w/ Peterson and COV1D is that he folded like a house of cards in the face of Tyranny when his entire brand is Solzhenitsyn and resistance

if your brand is prediction: Adams, and you predict wrong, it should hurt
If your brand is anti-tyranny: Peterson and you fold in the face of tyranny, it should hurt.
If your brand is “risk”: Taleb, and you can’t actually assess risk, it should hurt.

none of these guys got COV1D right and by their entire brand, they should have. big big lesson here.


Loads of memes recently on an Irish Simpson’s Facebook group mocking Jordan peterson