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Was Alex Widmer assassinated?

More on Bank Julius Baer - … ders-world

Now this I gotta see. (We need a licks his lips and salivates smiley) :wink:

Wow. Julius Baer. Talk about the big one. Its going to be very very interesting to see how this one pans out. Could end quite a few high profile careers if this story has legs.

Oh pleeeeeeaasse let Biffo be in there 8DD

Dont we already know he has property in Leeds or somewhere in the UK, not the smartest investment given the shit part of it is in but definitely canny mc savvy.

No, this will be serious players, not little men being erased.

It appears from the Guardian article that the names won’t be released?

Nope, the BBC is saying that it will be published:

See - this is one of the problem I have with Wikileaks. The dude who handed over the information is named, so all they have to do is publish. If it’s all lies then Wikileaks is in the clear.

What needs to be vetted? Who’s got the knowledge to decide what is and isn’t true?


Of the 2,000 people, many if not most, will have earned the money legally, paid taxes on it when it was earned and declared the income they earned in the account subsequent to that. Nothing illegal here, yet their names will go public and people will just auto-assume that they are dodgy.

I am not quite sure what this achieves. Because the names are already in the US authorities hands, such that they can audit the list to see who has been paying their taxes and who hasn’t…

But just releasing the names like this, will make joe public think everyone on the list has committed a crime, even though they have no way of knowing and Wikileaks has no way of knowing whether the accounts are above board or not

As the article states, the list will detail …massive “potential” tax evasion.

If it’s all lies Wikileaks is not in the clear. When something gets published in a newspaper it generally isn’t the journalist whose name appears at the top of the story who gets sued. It is the newspaper because they have deeper pockets. Technically I believe even the newsagent could be sued for libel for something in a newspaper he sells. Anyone who causes an untruth to be published can be held responsible for it.

Wikileaks is run as a news organisation - here’s what they do with any info that’s submitted.

It’s not just a case of receive and publish.

Eh, I think the whole point of opening a bank account in Switzerland is so that people don’t know about you having your money there. It’s definitely not for convenience or rate of return. I assume the vast majority of the names are tax dodgers.

Indeed, not even Switzerland, which has some sort of tax rates, but the Cayman islands…

Fair enough, but if that’s the case Mr. Assange should refrain from expressing his personal views on what they publish. His comments about the leaks of US documents made him sound like an anti-war or John Pilger type.

I’ve had an issue with Wikileaks since the helicopter video:

Back in the day, John Young from looked behind the curtain and didn’t like what he saw: … video-iraq

Now, he maintains a questioning stance:

And on this specific issue he has his doubts and see a bigger game being played:

What Wikileaks did with this instance - identifying the source - is weird.

Any chance there will be any Irish names on there? Would be hilarious if a few familiar names popped up going into an election.

Here’s hoping!