The Legal Profession- a law onto itself


Perhaps this is why recidivist criminals walk the streets and allegedly rape Spanish tsudents whilst on bail … 3-Jul2017/

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I suppose no one can say the legal profession discriminates between its more prestigious members and its low-life Saul Goodman types :unamused:

responds with a blatant fucking lie and he still gets the benefit of the doubt, I mean, cock and bull story


Only a couple of years after the ‘groundbreaking’ legal reform bill brought in at the behest of the Troika, we’re back again reviewing the legal industry, their practices and fees
Apologies for the link via pressreader but I cannot find this anywhere else…quelle surprise!

Justice Peter kelly is chairing the review and he says that only Paupers or Millionaires can afford to go to the High Court … 9277047148

The Last Word discussed this earlier too and not a single contributor alluded to how the Troika failed in its attempt so this review is unlikely to come to anything either


Welcome to Ireland Mr.Schrems

Schrems says ‘insanely high’ Irish legal fees threaten cases against online firms
Austrian campaigner says firms can ‘bankrupt’ data regulator through appeals … -1.3521758

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Judge demands explanation from lawyers he accuses of misleading court


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even Peter Kelly acquiesces in the face of legal profession cuntery


Another report will try to rein in the compo carnival but judges do not take instruction, even from a retired President of the High Court.

The comparison with France and Germany is embarrassing. When will our continental cousins wake up to the free money which we call Whiplash? :bulb: … 62760.html


Fucking joke. A letter in the Irish Times was typical, moaning about the cost of insurance asking why EU free market doesn’t apply. Idiots


The legal profession in this country are practically untouchable!

In fairness to Alan Shatter , he did try to reign them in but the legal eagles and their buddies in the political parties and the press shafted him out of office before any damage could be done!


Such outstanding work deserves a retrospective review of similar cases, say ten years at least. What is planned?

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Irish Times piece.

Quell surprise… Bollox solicitor is a Fianna Fail stalwart


I’m probably being ridiculously naive, but I’m hoping he has yer man pegged for a crooked cunt and just needs to let the proper procedures take their course**. Meanwhile, it turns out the solicitor’s missus is up to her bollicks in it too has at least a tangential relation to the affair also (edited after noting there are no charges laid). She was the office manager and cheque signer in the same firm, and has also had to resign by court order. Get this though, she’s also a former national treasurer for Fianna Fáil and member of its Ard Chomhairle, and current director of organisation for the Roscommon-Galway constituency. Big kerfuffle at the AGM of the constituency FF as they’re looking to boot her out too … … -1.3596444

Oh, and on a quick Google of yer man, I nearly glossed over this which I thought was the same case but is actually another with an almost identical MO… … 72444.html

He took over a quarter of another estate in fees, claiming he had authorisation to do so when he didn’t, and again with a big chunk of fees “in anticipation” of litigation that didn’t actually take place. The widow involved only got suspicious when she heard through the media that yer man was being investigated in the other case.

** EDIT: ok, looks like I was ridiculously naive. Judge Kelly didn’t strike off another solicitor and allowed her to continue to practice under supervision after a finding of professional misconduct against her for “causing a deficit” of €259,000 on a client account. (Interesting term for transferring money without authorisation).


Another fine upstanding gentleman of the legal profession caught bilking his client to the tune of €650k. … ley-court/


The Irish fondness for secrecy helps the lawyers. We need more people to come forward and show what they paid and exactly what services they got for that money.

Another disturbing feature of our learned friend from Roscommon above was that there had been previous misunderstandings in the distant past:

So the same accountant came back more than twenty years later to find, well, more of the same. He would be forgiven for wondering if he were a character in The Third Policeman or Groundhog Day.

By contrast, my experiences with Canadian lawyers so far have been uniformly positive - timely and cheaper than expected. Even a supposedly dodgy one gave me no trouble. In addition, a request to administer an estate was dealt with by a judge here in less than a week from the time we sent in the paperwork. He hates delays.


Memory moment: Lawyers must be different, says insolvency spoofer


Why is that beak not being done for theft? If I rob a bank, get caught and give the moeny back can I get a slap on the wrist too?


You are forgetting the societal pecking order. In the special unwritten rules for solicitors it’s not theft if you felt you were entitled to it.


Must be the week for it … 84452.html


Reform, what reform!

Solicitor diverted €266,000 from clients’ wills into her own accounts … 01015.html


Her husband, also a solicitor, committed suicide on this day last year when he found out the extent of it.