The Legal Profession- a law onto itself


Above is buried in that article…interesting that it didnt merit its own


They are relentless, you’d have to give them that. As far as they are concerned they’re going to get their 1m extra into the country by hook or by crook.

Of course allied to the RTE/Irish Times mind control programme, they’ve been pushing at an open door for the most part.


Indeed they are , with all the bad/wrong stuff. It begs the question of why and for whose benefit.

Imagine if you will what good the could achieve with this energy pointed elsewhere.


Unfortunately you’re mainly dealing with 2 categories of people.

The first are those who worship power for the most part. These are the type of people who crawl before superiors and stamp on subservients. In a society where the majority work in public service or MNCs these are generally the most likely to ascend to positions of influence. Robots for the most part.

The second is that of the indebted who put up and shut up in order to ensure that they get to pay the bills. They are wage slaves for the most part and are controlled on that basis.

There is a 3rd group who will have emerged from the 1st group due to them being able to think as well as play the game. These are a carefully selected tiny minority and they appear to make the decisions that filter down and spread out into the ether.

At the minute, anyone who stands apart from these cohorts is irrelevant and appears to be either unemployed, has been paid off or is likely to deplatformed and sent to Siberia any day now.

On the upside, the vast majority have little or no allegiance to any of this and it would not take that much to enable a form of cultural shift. The constant need to bang home the message and the obvious fear of deviance is a give away. A bit like in the old soviet union we’ll soon reach a point when nobody believes anything theyre told from official circles.