The "Let's do something different this time round" thread

Ok so probably going to be the mother of global finical economic spectacle of spectcles by the end of the year (if not I’ll be more than happy.)

What have we got so far, Brexit, TOO BIG TOO FAIL BANK next… then US Elections and the filling of that dogs dinner of a sandwich in-between now and then? I’m sure there are a few other wild cards to throw in there but hey you know where I’m coming from at this point in the game.

So lets do something different this time round(I have an idea entered around a letter to extract terrifying belly laughs). So I have my one idea, there are more but I’m thinking in term son the group effort on an individual levels… so right lets see what others would like to do or are doing. So imagine it’s pre-(SEP)-2008 as I think we’re past the 2006 stage though I stand to be redirected and corrected pin style if my durational analogy is slightly off spec, no point in derailing the thread that way, OK.

What would you do are doing or going to do different this time?

Clock is ticking…

Short circuit planning permission:

I would spend more time trying to get on with my life rather than worrying about when things will improve - e.g. would not hold off buying a car, would look at getting house renovated etc. As I did the last time, I would live within my reduced means and would not make any assumption that things would improve. I would take whatever my situation was as the new reality.

If I were looking to buy a house I would then I would look to get a mortgage before credit dries up again. I would be careful to see what kind of criteria might be applied for varying the interest rate. If at all possible I would look for some link to costs of finance to the lender now that trackers are not available.

I would spend less time figuring out what has happened and wishing Government, Journalists and civil servants were more smarter, more competent and better educated. I would focus completely on my own work and livelihood.

Open Window,

Knowing how TPTB reacted in 08, what is their play book should they feel the tremmers? Once you have established their (proactive?) reaction, try front run it. IMO they won’t let the collapse happen.

Perhaps you should be filling yer boots.

I think I came to that conclusion a few weeks ago as one angle, however ones boots has many holes these days. :confused:

Good stuff, that’s what I was hoping for in terms of contributions… hard not to disagree with it. I think the point where you are in life is hugely informs the case for adoption of such a stance.

If I had any idea what the OP was about I might proffer some ideas…

The dynamic is a bit different right now. Look at the election here last February, and look at the shambles in London. David Cameron sails into no. 10 with a majority in may 2015, and he is out the door tommorow night. A much larger chunk of the population are cynical, disaffected and frustrated at how powerless they are to demand reform than was the case 10 or 15 years ago.

Once the collective mindset expands like this it cannot be shrunk again. So politicians are scrambling around from strasbourg to skegness trying to put the genie back into the bottle, and they just can’t. The ‘great leaders’ are reduced to actors on a stage. What is filling the vacuum this creates, well it is an absolute necessity that this is observed and monitored in the years ahead. I don’t think there will be an opt out clause here.

That is it in a nutshell. It is almost 10 years since the winds turned chill at the end of 2006 and whilst things have stabilised they are still quite difficult. I would be careful about hatching a strategy which involved waiting another 10 years - the long run is getting closer to the end. It might be different if I had a stack of cash that I could invest to hedge my position in some way, or which I could deploy to mop up if things went south.

One thing that concerns me is the slow descent into global and regional political instability. It is quite possible that another crash could bring extremists of one hue or another to power. All extremists grab your cash. In that context it might be worth building up a little dark money which they can’s get at!

Oh yes yes and yes, another 10 years of this is impossible not even improbable, impossible. That is why you can not plan with such a mindset. Totally agree. This is why I believe we all need to do something different because I know for example the Irish establishment are not planning on doing anything particularly different. Their power is sustained by engendering an infantile environment of dangerous dependency crippling discourse through the population. The kind that pPinster on the left pinster on the right pulling out their hair. Thus creating more and more dependants is an imperative for retain power.

This one of the many reasonings as to why we all should try to do something different, but one thing if even on a personal level. It is not the same as 2006, there was an identifiable personality that people fought and anguished to preserve which no longer exists. So we have to do something radically different. The Same does not have it’s place set at the table of Change.

  • We;re all 10 years older and wiser right? :smiley:

Japan says another ten years is entirely possible, even likely. As NC says watch out for theft of funds with legal (taxation) being the most likely, assuming what passes for left wing gets in.

Good point but Japan has full control of it’s monetary policy politically. It has a cultural homogeneity incomparable to the current EU model. They also exude a much tighter and more considered control on immigration. Nor do I know of many internally wobbly Banks that have the potential to blow up the entire game many times over or whatever the number is now. I can’t comment on too many other aspects right now off the top of my head. I think we might have been lucky if we had actually gone Japalandic across the EU but that’s not how it has panned out. It’s fit of various basket cases pretending to be one regular joe. Where Japan was simply one. So at least it was a clearer delineation, easier to deal with?

Also to clarify, I’m talking about the individual in this context. Us. The minsters. Here and now. I have no expectation for government and institutional thinking to think of anything else but carrying on for another 10 years and some more the same as before. Since they are not burned with the demands of a motivated imagination since their time is squarely spent squandering others to pay for the lack of.

The Japanese banks are complete and utter basket cases propped up solely by the BoJ. The relevance to individuals is in terms of the framework in which the majority live. I think japlandic is absolutely where Europe is heading. Compared to the baron/serf society England is heading for, it begins to look attractive.

This is a fascinating line of enquiry which needs it’s own thread!

That depends whether you’re a baron or a serf. :wink:

As above, I would worry less and spend less time trying to figure out the future trends, although procrastination probably saved me losing quite a lot of money on a house purchase during and immediately after the boom, the fact that I have since purchased without a punitive mortgage means I can batten down the hatches and get on with living…so to summarise:

duck and mostly ignore it. 8DD

Yeah there’s little point in worrying, much less trying to do anything about it. The unfortunate truth is that most people are ignorant, selfish and very foolish, and TPTB are not in any way in possession of a grip, in fact I think most politicians are actually profoundly weird and mentally unstable headcases, to be blunt. Expecting or even hoping they will do something sane is a complete waste of time.

Look after your own affairs as best you can and stay away as much as you can from what ever damn fool crusade the herd are charging off on this week.

ZIRP having run out of road, get ready for a decade of NIRP. And Bob only knows what weird and wonderful effects that will have!