The 'Levy' word

Was just reading the SBP and a lot of talk about the income ‘levy’, second home ‘levy’ etc

Has some bright PR spark in the Govt decided that the people don’t like the word ‘tax’ and replaced it with ‘levy’?

I mean, how stupid do they think we are???!

Other words that might be used to extract your wealth include:
assessment, brokerage, capitation, contribution, cost, custom, dues, duty, excise, expense, fine, imposition, impost, levy, obligation, price, rate, salvage, tariff, tithe, toll, towage, tribute

they’re probably rationing the use of the word “tax” as they know it will be used a lot in the new year.
when levy becomes unpopular they might try “home surcharge”.

But shure a levy is a purely temporary emergency measure, to be lifted once the crisis has passed.

As we saw with the health levy in the 80s.

Oh wait, what’s that 2% deduction on last months payslip? …

Whats the story with this 1% tax.

When is it to be applied to salaries or has it already been done. I think I missed the memo on the implementation of this one.

Applies from January 1st 2009, as far as I know …

Just loved this one! :unamused:

State plans levy on all meat

We’ll be needing soon!

No doubt the corrupt meat producers will be “managing” those funds.

The bastards.

Yep, just got updated payroll software for 2009 and it includes the income levy. Remember, it goes up from 1% depending on your income.

The start of tax on food. Notice how the levy is imposed on the Irish consumer and not on exported meat. Another subsidy for exporters considering the cost of the international recall must be significant compared to the local cost. Another case for the EU?

Ah yes, the old “our farmers keep feeding dangerous stuff to their animals and demanding a bailout” tax.

I am vegetarian. Does this mean I am committing tax evasion or tax avoidance?

They will probably apply the levy to meat products themselves, so you won’t be affected.

What if someone wishes to eat me? Would there be a levy on my consumption? Who will be left liable for the levy payment. The consumer or the consumed?

You are not committing neither as you are avoiding a discretionary tax. However, having looked at pictures of you dinner in the Piston, you are in danger of being committed. :wink:

Use it against them.
Refuse to pay it, then see if they come after you for tax evasion !