The Lie Continues as it Began

I’d like to go on record and make the following points at this most prescient juncture.

Mr. Brian Cowen you, Bertie Ahearn and your kabal of cronies brought Ireland to this point.
Out of shape, on its knees years before any global storms.

You have lied daily to the people, you are still lying. You will continue to promote failure as a way forward you will not sing unless to your party faithful on a lorry half cut. You have no experience but that of ivory tower politics instated by the Don CJ.

Its a matter of fact that the Irish economy was already on the brink of collapse 2006 with clear signals of fracture and fatigue in the years leading up to it all under the guidance of 3 terms of Fianna Fail misgovernance. Its the failure of Brian Cowen and any minister in any Fianna Fail government ever to tell anything remotely close to the truth that has the country in the position we are in and then in the the current global context only adding insult to injury.

Mr Cowen & Co you can go fuck yourselves cause you’ve already fucked the people.

All that we have left is a chance for the people to expose the legacy and extent of these lies.

Hear hear!

:open_mouth: Gulp.

agree, we have a double collaspe, one domestic, the other not an issue - yet.

Why should they? You haven’t.

You and your ministers have been going around telling people that we face tough times, but not to worry, just tighten the belt and prepare for the upturn, Ireland is fundamentally strong, it’s just them damn yankies and their sub prime mortgages.

You and your ministers took about as many wrong decisions as can be taken in a single budget, and have rowed back on many of them, all the while telling us how tough you are, each time telling us this is the last U turn, each time finding room for one more.

Mr Cowan, you have about as much credibility as a guy trying to book the Harlem Apollo for a Klan reunion.


you’ll never get a cosy number on a state board with that type of outburst. The aam founder could coach you on appropriate behaviour.

There are so many things to get annoyed at, that it’s not healthy. The level of mismanagement is frightening. My advice is don’t tie yourself to illiquid irish assets for the next couple of years.

While you are right in what you say things will never change in this country unless there is some kind of political and financial education in schoolsl both of which will encourage people to think for themselves so they are not so gullible.
But the major seachange required from people would be the thinking about who should govern from a national perspective instead of this local whats in it for me crap which is so obvious in this country.
I mean people like Jackie Healey Ray get elected what does that tell you about the state of the nation and politics on a local level?

Whats your issue with Jackie Healy Rae, can you expand on what exactly is wrong with him. As far as I know he hasnt been mired in alot of the scandal other pale-centric politcos have.
What it does tell me is that theres still jackeens who think that just cos a culchie wears a cap speaks in a regional accent that he isnt fit to enter government and fight the causes for his locality and the large numbers of people just like him.
Who should Jackie Healy-Rae be more like, Ray McSharry or Liam Lowery maybe, you know speak in a neutral dublin accent
Looks like a few cheap Ryanair flights went to your head and somonehow you think your cosmopolitan. Let me guess you want someone went to Harvard , wears sharp suits , looks good on TV and is metrosexual…
Who exactly were the people in Kilgarvan meant to vote for, I dont think the place is awash with slick suited whizzbang politicos…

Things must be serious if OW is resorting to profanitys.

In a downturn, who do they choose to target? Those who made the most out of the boom? No, that wouldn’t do. They go after the eldery, the disabled and children.

Those fuckers, all they do is cost money. Take the axe to them. Despicable.

dont forget the ambidextrous charlie mccreevy who should take his fair share of the credit for the irish economic miracle being sqauandered as well

The nature of Irish people is to screw each other over though.
Getting ahead of your fellow citizens is the only game around, from courting your local FF councilor for planning permission to securing a medical card etc, it is all about the individual. I’m alright Jack is the prevailing attitude.

People are only in it together on the few occasions the govt manage to affect lot of people, other than that divide and conquer is the way the masses are mollified.

Any attempt to question this is met with contempt and dismissal as a “begrudger” or a “hurler on the ditch” if you question the consensus.

I think there was a confidence bubble going on but I think there is a silver lining and dont despair too much!

We earned so much money over the last decade that we suddenly felt like a heavy weight country and being central in Europe etc etc. People spoke highly about Ireland’s achievements on the world stage as we all know…

Reality is begining to dawn on Irish people that everyone lost touch with Ireland, really. Small small country with limited independence. The likes of Cowen, Bertie are going to be resigned to history and a new crop of innovative thinkers will lead the way.

There is alot of dead wood in the public service and goverment, I think a good hard recession will clear it and refresh the economy, melt house prices, huge service charges, bad service etc.

bostonorberlin said

Hes playing local politics when national politics are needed, he also advised he is backing the current government for the remainder of their term, now thats genius and thinking in the national interest.

Im not a culchie basher and Im not a Jackeen either in fact Im not from Dublin so you’re shooting yourself in the foot with statements like these.

Nows theres intelligence for you, if someone doesnt agree with your perspective then insult them even if you dont know who they are, where they come from or stop to think what they mean. You go on to say OW is using profanity and you say things must be serious, its no wonder they are :exclamation:

Dont mind Jackie Healy Rae, (though yes he is an insufferable bogger, but representative of his constituency I suppose) how about the feckin eejits in mayo who keep electing the corrupt, condescending, pig ignorant Flynns? The problem is that people vote locally, the politicians think locally, bargain locally and once they get their pound of flesh for their constituents, they couldn’t give a flying fuck what happens to Ireland as a whole, they will toe the party line so long as they get their gimme’s.

Your example of the Mayo Brigade is perfect and the rest of your post just sums up why we are in the position we are in at present. There was a previous poster in the past who wrote a quote from someone and it goes like this.
Definition of madness, to keep repeating the same thing expecting a different outcome.
Ladies and gentlement I give you Irish politics.

I don’t like the idea of using independants to make up a government. If so we’d have 83 people triying to get the best for their own local issues. The amount of money that has to be poured into these areas are then out of proportion with the development of the rest of the country and it also has the ability to take out a government and screw the country into a general election when if may not be needed because of local issues put ahead of national good.

OW Pat Rabbitte is on the plank show saying Cowan is best on the back of a lorry or belting out a song, I’d say the opposition have a flick through the pin before they go in front of the media all the time now.

I agree completely, but while we’re at it, lets not forget the “salt of the earth” Northsiders that gave us the two greatest gombeen men of all, CJ and Bertie.
No area of the country is immune from this.

As they say Lads, Lassies and those of indeterminate gender, all politics is local.

One of the biggest problems in this country is the multi seat constituency, it means that for most career politicains the real enemy comes from within their own party, so those elected to Dail Eireann must constantly keep one eye on the local competition while up in Dublin. Until this gombeen (even in D4) system is scrapped and a proper system for electing a government (as opposed to local representatives) is put in place, then nothing will change, all eyes will remain focused on
the parish pump.

Every representative mentioned so far was loved by their constituents and loathed by the rest of the country, except Cowen who was generally liked until he became Tea-shop.

Our system of the local elite electing our government is why we will never get out of this situation, it’s what has kept Fianna Fail and Fianna Worse knocking around for the last 70 years.

Until we directly elect our government the gombeenism and cute-hoorship will remain, but the beauty of the system is that it is designed to keep the system intact, it masquerades as democracy without delivering choice, I’d bet the Communist Party in China wish they’d dreamed it up first, it would keep a lot of western governments off their backs.

Here’s a radical idea for ya folks.

Lets completely remove the public funding of TDs constituency offices !

No Tax payers money for Sectaries or use of the free postal services, Nada.

I completely agree with the sentiment that too much of Irish politics is about local politics. In what other country would a citizen think it appropriate to contact their Public Representative to sort out a Passport application which they’d left till too soon before their Holiday ?

This kind of shite has no place in National politics, & shouldn’t be a factor in why TDs get elected. What the hell are councillors for if not this kind of stupidity ?

So, lets make the TDs decide when they get elected, they can either be a work for the Nation or they can work for their constituency. But, If TDs want to play at local politics, they have to pay for it themselves, they can’t just expect the Tax payers to pay for it by giving them Allowances for everything under the sun, so they can employ all their relatives to fix up planning applications & medical cards for all & sundry.