The Lie Continues as it Began

bearbait said

Thats priceless :laughing:

Jackie Healy Rae types are the greatest example of my biggest problem with Irish politics and political candidates in this country. Healy Rae frustrate me beyond belief when I hear him on the radio slagging off An Bord Pleanála ‘because they’re stopping young couples from building homes for themselves’. Other week he was on DriveTime on Radio1 and when he was asked a tricky question about what he was going to do on the medical card issue he kept shouted with an increasingly indignant tone what he was going to do (I still wasn’t clear what that was after the interview) but he was showing that he meant business because of his tone and the shouting this was all after he had voted in the budget 3 days previously without issue.

His brother was on the radio a few months back complaing because An Bord Pleanála wouldn’t let Michael Flatley build a 2.5 storey holiday home in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

As a group these guys represent 1 image to me of selfish no good parish politicians who represent their own interests first followed by the narrow interests of those who might vote for them. They are exemplified by the FF backbenchers who vote in the budget one day and then get on their high horse 3 days later when they realise they’re cushty number might be at risk. They are exemplified by Michael Lowry getting on his high horse and seeking written promises from the government - the dirty lowlife. Ask someone from Tipperary how it possible that he still gets elected and you’ll hear ‘oh he’s been very good for Tipperary North’

This rant isn’t going to get anymore coherent so I’ll stop now.

Gombeen local fixers, ward bosses, greasy chancers, mafioso, and the voters who vote for them.

The problem isn’t the electoral system, PR-STV, greedy voters, or any of the other Usual Suspects. They are all just symptoms.

The real problem is much more fundamental than that, and it is this:

Deep down, 90% of the population don’t believe or buy into the legitimacy of the State itself. It’s just a temporary little arrangement, to be taken advantage of any way you can. I think a lot of people, when you really dig deep down, think that getting independence was a lucky fluke that we didn’t actually really work for, want, or deserve - and so it’s all a big laugh, look lads what we’re getting away with, jaysus this is great craic while Mammy is away, fill yer boots before the adults come back.


nothing like being controversial eh,

even for a Brit, i’m shocked

I think your right on the money SW.

I remember my Dad saying something similar years ago. It was one of the bad days in the troubles, I’m not sure which, but, my Dad was just horrified that Irish Patriotism/Nationalism was so horribly corrupted & that the inevitable consequence was that people living on this Island couldn’t, & wouldn’t evolve into a ‘Nation’.

To be a Nation we have to accept the consequences of our actions & not opt out of our responsibilities to maintain our Nation. Too many Citizens of this country are completely unwilling to think of their Nation/Society first & themselves second.

We live in a country where to be patriotic we must buy an overpriced pile of bricks first. Not to forget XX XX

The Healy Raes are a freak show circus, a giant joke that isn’t even funny.
I’d piss my vote against the wall rather than give any of them a Number 12 even.

the truth is that government is a service for the nation, of the nation and by the nation. somehow in this land it functions firstly to carve up the national purse between lobbyists and secondly to actually provide service to those who are taxed to fill the national purse in the first place.
transparency has a lot to do it. reform is a political platform that none of the main parties want to occupy, they all seem to want to continue pandering to their core supporters while hoping to rob marginal voters from the others.
in the future, out of necessity regional politics will become stronger as national politics is driving fast down a cul de sac, right now we’ve hit the speed bumps, next year it hits the wall.

Only one small flaw in your radical plan as I see it, fishfoodie - they own the ball and will just take it home with them if you don’t like their rules !

Until we devise a way of wresting control of the nation’s wallet away from this greasy, scheming, corrupt, inept, selfish and profligate bunch of bastards, dem rules ain’t gonna change !

Pheewwww, I feel better now. Nurse, where’s my medicine ?!

Am inclined to agree with you Sidewinder - most people in power in this country still act as if there is a greater authority about to return anyday now and take up the reins, so it’s a case of making good while you can (and look after your buddies in the process)

The same mentality can be seen in our attitude to rules and regulations. We seem to have some collective mindset that thinks we’re getting one over on the master up in the big house - we haven’t moved on from our colonised position, and as such we’re an immature independent nation even though we’ve ruled ourselves for over 80 years.

Same goes for the corruption in power, tax evasion, drink-driving, ignoring planning laws, etc. etc - it’s symptomatic of a people who seem to think that cute hoorism is a trait to be admired, and that it’s still someone else such as the British Treasury that’s picking up the tab, rather than fellow Irish men and women - but then if we did stop to think about it inself for any length of time, the “me féiner, I’m alright Jack” survival instinct mentality kicks in

It reminds me of the debate on the state of the nation many many years on the Late Late Show when one audience member stood up and said we should hand the country back to the Queen and apologise for the state of it - kinda sums up the prevailing mentality that still abounds

As nations and people go, we’re a psycho-analyst’s wet dream of a project !

Yes this is an insidious setup. 26 counties.

So 26 for the country plus 4 extra for Dublin. 30 representatives (possibly forma a rotating 3) is all we need to run this country.

What about local issues then? more power and more money to local government?

What other and more succesful models exist worldwide?

Well thats the point isn’t it, as we seem to have also an over extensive local government.
You wouldn’t know that sometimes what with all those national politicians hogging local issues.

What left for the over populated 88 councils? Fights over the maintenance of services, quality road engineering or rezoning their mates lads to make a few million quid of an afterenoon0?