The Lodge, Abbey Road, Monkstown

This gate lodge was sold on 20/12/2013 for €255,000.
Driving past today I saw it was on sale with Savills for €525,000.
Looks an ok renovation but no period features inside; the extensions all have flat roofs and grand gates aside I would have security concerns with it being an easy hop, skip and jump over the back wall where the bedrooms are.
Opinions please pinsters?!

My apologies - here is the link … in/2867612

I pass by here a lot - usually stuck in traffic outside this place!

A couple of observations:

  1. Near a very busy intersection on the way to all kinds of places, LIDL, College of Art, huge Amgem pharma plant, so forget about peacful evenings sipping wine - it’ll be noisy.

  2. Not the best part of Monkstown and quite shabby in places. In fact, I wouldn’t even consider it Monkstown at all. Kill O The Grange is right on your doorstep.

  3. As you’ve already said regarding the groundfloor bedrooms, the house is quite exposed on all sides and there are no immediate neighbours. It’ll stand out (not always a good thing,)

  4. I wouldn’t live there and for that money you could do a lot better in the surrounding areas.

Monkstown address - for whatever that is worth.

I like it. Close to the shops in Deansgrange, handy for M50 and NCT centre…

Personally I am loving all these refurbs coming on. It shows confidence and is tarting up dead parts of town.

The original asking as 275,00 in April last year (have the email alert saved).

Passed it at the weekend. Even though its a flat roof, I actually like the extension given the site constraints though it looks like all the money went into that. I think the interior of the original building needed to be reconfigured and it looks like they have not done that - its still a hodge-podge of rooms with too many square metres given over to circulation space. The entrance gates are presented as a main feature but this is a mistake -they are disproportionately large compared to the now isolated lodge site (obviously they more suited the original bigger property) and leaving them exposed robs the garden of any privacy or sound insulation form the busy road.

Given the site size, road’s proximity and not-really-Monkstown location, I would have been interested pre-renovation at early 2012 prices and been allowed do my own thing with it, but what’s on offer at over half a million now just leaves me bemused (again).

Sale Agreed.

Compare and contrast!

Eh… both houses are stupid money??

Possibly, who knows but the latter is a whisker (5% maybe) above mid-late 90’s prices on the road (adjusted for inflation). I think between the two I would take the latter which although on the small side has extension possibilities to the rear and the side and is a bit more setback from the road which is on two sides of the Lodge. It also has gardens.

Id be lashing 100k into that gaff before setting foot in the door. Then there is the bidding war as the “folks scramble in panic for the last rung before the ladder is gone forever”… Good grief I heard that on some property porn show the other day and not some 2006 re-run neither. Are we done yet? Has the bubble fully run it’s course? Wake me up when it over.

I guess 20 years ago people would move in and eventually do the work. I am not sure if people still do that but I guess people who are willing to do so will probably outbid those who want it sorted from day 1. Personally I would be with you now on that issue I wouldn’t move in there as it stands but I probably would have back in the day.

20 years ago Blue Nun was a posh wine and that house would have been in better nic :wink:

The Lodge is on the PPR at 535K which is pretty shocking.