The Lords of the dark side have arrived.

To offer the incumbent government their redemption, no doubt. But at what price.

Reuters: Bankers land as Ireland grapples with bank crisis

We want as many Jewish bankers on our side as possible.


The city of london is not a city state - rubbish.

Familys dont need audits.

This raises many questions in my mind…

Why do we need a Department of Finance? Every time something has to be done, a horde of overpaid outside “consultants” and advisors descend. Are the people ruling us totally helpless? Who changes their adult diapers the rest of the time? Does this mean that there was some money that the government hadn’t yet wasted in other ways lying around, or will they ask for the bill for this no doubt “best advice” to be added to our tab with the IMF?

I also don’t know why they chose Rothschild’s, but who cares. Doubles all round! We’re buying!

The road split a long way back. One fork was the road to listening to good people from their own country with the interests of their country at heart. Like Peter Matthews, David McWilliams, Constantin Gurdiev, and the voice of the people in general, perhaps even distilled through web forums as this one. The other fork was the road on which lived the bankers, the big four accountancy firms, and others. They decided to choose this road because they thought that these kind of people were on their side (in fact, all they ever wanted were big governmental contracts and political expediency so that they could make big profits out of the masses). These people however, were anything but their friends. However, our government boys were far too yokel-like to appreciate the real sentiment that underlay the backslapping all round… But now they feel they can’t get off the road - and this road inevitably leads to people like the Rothschilds.

That is exactly what happens, the one small missing link is that people like Rothschilds and the Octopus all have ( or control) operations in the IFSC and their old friends in the Department of Finance get nice sinecures as board members of these domiciled operations ( post retirement) once they learn to take it up the ass while paid civil servants by the Irish taxpayer. Remember Depfa anyone ??

So Christian Europeans exclude Jews from professions and landowning while kicking them from country to country and then have the gall to blame them for being instrumental in setting up transnational capitalism. Try destroying your civilisation a little less often and maybe you won’t have to rely on our financial capabilities so much. Sheesh.

Curiously, the only reference on this thread to Jews was to say that Jewish bankers are needed on our side; on the face of it, a positive reference to Jews.
So I have to say that I’m at a bit of a loss as to what your complaint is.

My own feeling at this moment is that I would be wary of having any bankers on my side, regardless of religion, nationality, race or whatever as it seems that they have spent the last twenty years (at least) in trying to control the world, and certainly not for my benefit, or for the greater good.

Totally agree with this and something that has constantly annoyed me, ie we are paying so and so to commission this that and the other report every time we need to make a decision, it smacks of passing the buck and wasting our money doing it, so they can come back and say we were acting on the advice at the time. How’s about growing a pair of balls and making some decisions for yourselves after actually analyzing the advice given. I mean Lenihan strikes me as smart enough to do this. The worst part is that the advice given was often not in our interests, its been like asking the opponent in a boxing match “what should i do in the next round?”.

They have subterrianian vaults! not just underground, but subterranian! guarded by shape shifting lizard people.

I don’t know much about all these conspiracy theories or the so called zionist aspects, or whatever.

All I know is that the Rothschilds are at the very top of the hierarchy of haute finance. And have been for a long time.

So does haute finance have the same interests as national interests?

I think we’ve seen that it clearly does not.

That is all. Haute finance is the dark side.

where is Golman Sachs surely with that slug Sutherland here they would be getting a piece of the action=?

Just a bit of Jewish ironic humour. Don’t mean to offend. But, really, Judeophobia is pretty deeply embedded in Rothschild-hate, wouldhn’t you say? So deeply embedded nice people don’t recognise it!

BTW, saying you need more Jewish bankers on your side is a compliment in the same way saying you need more Irish on your competitive boozing team is a compliment. Are you trying to say there are no Jewish doctors and lawyers?

It’s the Lizard-People who you really have to watch out for.

Can this silly topic be put into the Piston, or maybe merged with the conspiracy theory thread?

C’mon it’s amusing. ‘Lords of the Dark Side’. All fun and games.

It is not amusing when the modern DoF is merely a trough set up to feed the porkers then set them up to parachute their public pensioned asses into some sinecure crumbs off the IB table over in the IFSC.

To get noticed they must offer these consultancies to the IBs to get to schmooze with them.

We pay for this farce on the double or treble. No reflection on the IBs for taking the easy cash they are offered by the DoF, sure who wouldn’t :frowning:

For the record, my comment above was tongue in cheek. The intention was to satirise Judeophobia if anything. I agree that Rothschild-hate is anti-semitic at core (though most of the people propagating it probably don’t realise it).

Of course. But I was being utterly serious about doctors and lawyers. Happy Chanukah everyone.