The lost decade: prices now back to 2001 level: Times

The bible of official Ireland is stating that we are now back to 2001 price levels using auction data. Denial no longer has a hiding place with articles like this. How dare they use facts to back up their claims - the cheek of it! … 86089.html

That Murphy lad on RTE called it a Meltdown. Where the hell did that come from?? It’s a soft hard landing. It was to be expected. It’s international. The recovery is just around the corner. If people could only start buying houses again. Jeesh!! Com’n people.

It’s not the back to 2001 that’s worrying.

It’s the back to 2001 and not a thing done to address the problems. That’s the terrifying thing.

Great news today. Unemployment might not hit worst case scenario. Why? Because our work force is emigrating. Can’t wait forever.

We’re in a severe negative feedback loop, and nobody seems to be too bothered.

Are FF hoping to take us back to '77 so they get an overall majority?


If the 66% who aren’t core FF vote emigrate then they could poll 100%.

Yes but since they’d all have “jobs for the boys” in some quango within the PS, who would actually be working to pay taxes to pay their wages?.

If you are “connected” in a Fianna Faíl sense then emigration isn’t now nor in the past an issue. A job will have been secured no matter what your qualifications are or lack of them.

I like this bit:

It’s the emergence of the canny seller! How times have changed…

It seems the meeja have decided where they go from here…

Positive feedback - negative would tend to correct the system… Practically every action that has been taken by those in power so far has amplified this positive feedback tendency. That is why I disagree with some of the calls on this forum that FF must take decisive and significant action etc. Far better that they do nothing, because they are not capable of taking action that will tend to correct the system - they are compromised by their complicity in creating the real problems of the system, and rather than acknowledge that, they act as if this is not the case. They are only engaged in a charade to try and hide this fact both from the population, but more importantly, from themselves.

from that article

Does anybody know what forecasts he is talkin about? Because I’m drawing a blank here.

According to the article, we had a property boom from 2003 to 2006, McDowell spoke, and we had a bust from 2006-2009. As you were so.

But lets not forget that in 2008 the IT ran one article which said that if sellers wanted to sell they might, if it isn’t too much of an inconvenience, drop the price marginally, so that they might generate some more interest in the property (but which would create a bidding war thus raising the selling price above their current asking), so therefore since 2008 the IT has been realistic about the property market and was cautioning sellers to drop their prices before it was too late.

119 Carrow Road, Drimnagh, Dublin 12, South Dublin City. €164,950.

I reckon this price is back to 2000. I have friends who bought a smaller terraced house around the corner for 400k at the peak, and then had to spend 30k on another bedroom… Ouch. It’s hard to see how the apartment market can compete with prices like this.

I agree and the best way for them to do nothing is to be dead.

What do you mean “do nothing”… They can still vote can’t they? :smiley:

Ouch thats the kind of post that like a punch in the gut for many I reckon. Know some people in similar houses not bad or anything but those figures have to hurt. Its tough going, duped the lot of us duped to boarding a ship of fools.

here’s a 2 bed one on same road that was looking for 360K 18 mths ago.

18 September 2008

* Brief Description changed: Excellently situated just a stroll to the Luas, lovely 2 bedroom (formerly 3 bedroom) end of terrace home, benefiting from wide side access to the rear, large walled rear garden and large patio area, off-street parking and not overlooked to the rear. The accommodation is laid out with an Entrance Hall, Lounge, Kitchen/Dining. Upstairs: 2 double Bedrooms and large Bathroom (formerly 3rd bedroom). Gas fired central heating installed and mostly double glazed uPVC windows (bay style to the front) Situated just minutes walk to the Luas, circa 20 minutes journey time to the heart of the City, close to all services and amenities. Location:... ...   [Found by n/a]
* Price changed: from 'Excess €360,000' to 'Excess €310,000'  [Found by n/a] 

05 March 2008

* Initial entry found.  [Found by n/a]