The Lovely Country houses thread...

Not sure if there is a thread for these, but check this out in Quin, Co. Clare. … re/1996278


Sweet gaff.
20 miles from Limerick city, 6 to Ennis, Motorway up to Galway in 50minutes.


Michael H Daniels has some really sweet, proper country houses in Munster; usually price on application, but shure it’s academic anyway…

These 2 are sale agreed but really nice IMHO
Perfect proportions and a great (+manageable/livable) house. PDF Brochure … rk/2527433

check out the interior of this one one in particular
PDF Brochure … rk/2447681

All very good but do any of them come with staff. That’s a deal breaker for me! :laughing:

I went to nose around Kilcolman about 5 years ago when it was also for sale for, I think, 1.8 mil. Lovely house, with nice outbuilding/cottages too.


I’m far more interested in structurally sound empty shell stately piles going cheap!

With those horses in the third place you will have no need for a stable boy - some savings right there

Passed the gate of this one many times, never quite knew what was inside. … and-87013/

PPR Price: € 918,000 … rk/2527433

a good buy IMHO; beautiful house and a couple of rental properties for a bit of income.