The madness is returning


This sounds all very 2006 to me. Specifically, I put my property in Dublin 9 on the market in September 2006 at a price of €650,000, a few months after what is recognised by many as the peak of the boom. The pricing was relatively prudent in that a better located and nicer house, albeit of the same size, in the same estate had sold two months previously for €760,000. Despite my relatively lower price, I ended having to drop my asking on a number of occasions and went sale agreed on the property in March 2007 for €575,000. A similar house in the same estate sold for €295,000 at the beginning of 2012.

I still believe that I was somewhat unlucky in that a small number of other houses of the same size elsewhere in Dublin 9, and in particular newly built ones, sold in Q4 2006/Q12007 and were unaffected by the price falls to the same extent that I was. I am convinced that the same thing is happening now in that some houses are still commanding strong prices and bucking the trend but that broadly speaking there is a general decline particularly for the more expensive properties, which are priced at over €500,000.


That can’t be normal :wink:


Unfortunately, it is normal in Dublin.
Average house price bears absolutely no relation to normal accepted multiple of average income (as an earlier post mentioned), which is EXACTLY why the CBI are bringing in these limits of LTV but more importantly, I feel, LTI!!!


I see what you did there…


I know :smiley:
Mathematical jokes aside though - Paddy needs to be saved from himself & the banks… and if that means we need to suffer the deposit requirements, and the potential house price drops (collective VI gasp!), from the CBI measures, then so be it.
Bring it on! Hopefully.


This sold for 456K… … 6w/2790833

Jesus wept. Sala wept. How far behind are the PPR figures i.e. sale agreed in June - listed November?


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Castle earned their fee on that one :slight_smile:

Ps PPR figures are 3 to 6 months behind the market.

Little or no slow down in PPR figures for Dublin with more houses sold in Oct 14 (1,580 - second highest month on record and still climbing) than in Q1 2013 (1,574)


Agreed June, listed November is about the minimum in my experience, most properties I’ve been watching have been taking at least 6 months - do other posters concur?


That reminds me. Searching the PPR for an anticipated property is a PITA.
I don’t suppose any of the web gurus on here fancies creating a web service where you put in an address search criterion, and the service emails you back whenever the results returned by the PPR for that search change? I already wrote a local version of it in Java, but I have to remember to keep running it, which defeats the purpose.

#1413 claims to do it.


This website is very good. I get a few email alerts for properties in certain estates


In a fit of idle curiosity last night I searched all houses in Dublin in the range 700-900k. This brought back 23 pages of results, amongst which I found about three or four houses I’d actually want to live in.

I suppose the main problem I have with property in the capital isn’t that it’s expensive, it’s that it’s poor value for money. … 16/2903591 … -6/2926644 … 14/2893585 … ck/2810582

(and even these are not without their individual compromises, the last only squeaks in because I have a particular penchant for townhouses)

You really have to go into the 900k+ bracket to find a reasonably-sized and nicely designed structure.

Moving outside the capital, there a bit of decent stuff in Wicklow but bugger all in Kildare, Meath or NCD.

We collectively deserve better than this.


You could turn your search into an RSS feed and watch that for changes. … y&rss=true
(After you do a search, the orange RSS icon on the right has the rss link)

Furthermore, plug it into a service like this and you’ll have realtime updates on changes.


Completely agree. The stuff in that price bracket ($1m) in SCD is mostly muck.


Not in my experience. The average is 3 months with the properties I’m watching. The shortest time frame I’ve seen is 2 months, the longest is 5 months (so far).

(Edited due to touch screen technology-child interface :smiley: )


Try the 300-500 range for real, real fun.



Too brilliant! Done!


They’re the good ones? My god, they’re hideous. :frowning:


Went to an open viewing for a new development on the outskirts of Celbridge yesterday built by Ray Grehan. There will be 56 houses but of the 12 for sale in the first phase, booking deposits had been taken on six by mid-afternoon yesterday. Cheques and cash.

The show house is built, as is the one next door, but that’s about it. There are shells of another few but it’s very much a building site. The back garden grass had been rolled out very, very recently.

The show house was a 145m2 4-bed semi- but four of the six that were snapped up were 3-bed terraces (96-102m2). People were very much buying from plans.

  • Viewing was very busy. Half a dozen people arrived with cash/cheques and booked, in most cases without seeing a house of that style.
  • Most of the ones that sold were in the lower price bracket for this development (269k-310k); 4-beds were 385k; 4-bed detached 465k
  • Maybe this is what I want to believe but: this was a bit of a last-chance to buy something before new rules comes in. Some buyers and the agent all extra keen to do deals
  • Viewing only announced (by email and posted on MyHome) the day before
  • Looked like they had rushed to get it (just about) ready for viewing asap. I mean, that’s always the case but this looked particularly rushed. All to get in before end of year?