The madness is returning


Chelmsford Manor…what an horrendous ‘home counties’ name for an Irish development




Nice! … enDocument

Date of Sale Price Address
23/06/2011 €305,000.00 24 Maywood Avenue, Raheny, Dublin 3, Dublin 3, Dublin
07/11/2014 €630,000.00 24 MAYWOOD AVE, RAHENY, DUBLIN 5, Dublin 5, … T2a0lg!2e0


It was this very house that convincede that raheny was getting very overpriced.ciewed it during the summer. Estate agent tried to get me involved in the bidding at 530 saying 2 other bidders and it was going to close at around 530. I felt it was a crazy price but I am shocked to see in fact it got 630. 2 serious bidders!! This is insane price. Summer 14 for this house summer 15 will be an interesting comparison!!! Crazy times


Seems proper bonkers alright. I couldnt find the myhome add. It looks like a 3 bed, but maybe it had 4. Was there an extension on it?

Unless the ppr is mistaken, 630 seems a monster price.


Any house that’s capable of moving two whole postcodes in three years has got to be worth a few quid.

(Dublin 5 is the correct one BTW)

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hese are 4 beds but 2 of the rooms would be very small. It must be pointed out that this house was in good nick and ye there was a bit of an extention on it but still…630 must be incorrect…you would not sell
It for 630
Today so let’s hope ppr is wrong


Things are still mad out there

675k for Priory Rd, HX…extended or not, thats insane … 6w/3089133
#45, 1,465 sq ft = €461 per sq ft
Garden obliterated by the extension


It’s just the asking price. If somebody pays it, maybe. I think things are slowing down big time. The last few 5x leveraged 10%ers will be gone from the system in a few months and then the fun begins… 8DD


Not sure if things are slowing down. I’m a few years on here, a few years looking for a family home.
Viewed a lot of houses in that time and didn’t bid on 1 for various reasons. But found a house a few weeks back that really grabbed me.

So started bidding and became involved in a bidding war with a few other parties still in, against all my better judgement. At 20% over asking, I dropped out last week. Really sickened, and very disillusioned right now about the market.


Keep in touch with the agent; a lot of people unable to actually draw down mortgages. You might get a second chance (and possibly get it for less) in a few weeks.


Cheers. Already have said that to the Agent, but as there’s more than 1 bidder left in the race, I doubt I’ll get another bite at the cherry on this one :cry:


Bidding on a house this last week asking approx 400k, bidding started 5% below, 5 bidders in and gradually yesterday it crept up to asking and by the evening was 5% (20k) over asking. Last I heard today was 25k over asking and plenty of heat left in it. Felt like a feeding frenzy, EA sounded a bit shocked on the phone, although not as shocked as me. :open_mouth:


Don’t know where you guys are looking. We started at 10% under asking and almost 2 months after the property was first listed, we’re still 4% below asking with the agent desperately scrabbling to find bids.

And the asking is rather good value compared to similar askings in nearby areas.


SCD area…house is north of 100k over asking last I heard and still going!


Well I’m looking south of the river but mostly west (or just east) of the N81 and there’s very little on our hotlist actually graduating to “sold”. Little price drops kicking in here and there. There’s still a lot of activity where the asking price is set attractively low.

An example. Went to look at a 3 bed semi priced around 345k. Very quiet. Has since dropped.
Went to look at another priced at 290k. It was mobbed.
Now the first one was extended but the second one was priced low. Sale agreed within two weeks.


Sums up most of the last year for me. People do lose the run of themselves and can get quite competitive when they are using someone else’s money. I have a theory that the headlessness is predominantly (although not completely) confined to the mortgage approved bidders in the market. Every increment just hurts that bit more when it’s your own money because you know how hard each € was to come by.


As they say location, location, location.

There will be vastly different stories depending on location and price range.

Unless people are prepared to more accurately disclose these people can take up information wrongly imho.

If i was to focus ,ore in my own area - NCD - the malahide market is vastly vastly different than the Skerries one.

I also no from in laws the D9 market is different depending on exact location (even down to streets).

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surely they’re having a giraffe… XD