The madness is returning


‘subject to planning’ are the golden words there underpinning that price!


That must be above peak prices right?


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The Madness has returned after showing fleeting glimpses of sanity.

Ay sure, tis an awful awful Madness indeed. And everybody in this land has, directly or indirectly, been touched by it.


+1, seen it yesterday was going to post it but really it’s all about that site and not the house at all.


thx I had not noticed the size of the site, didn’t go past the first few crappy photos, not quite as outrageous as it looked at first…


My experience in recent weeks has been similar. Hoping for some signs of a slowdown worth the name, but I’m not seeing it. Just one anecdote I know, but I share your frustration.

Meanwhile, I’m told the banks gave many people approval in principle that lasts a year, so they can escape the CB rules.


I don’t think that is the case about a year AIP. Not my experience anyway.

The current market is a bit of an enigma. On one hand you have some houses that are not asking totally crazy money having no bids whatsoever and on the other there seems to be some insane bids on houses (that were already overpriced to begin with). I want to believe it is a bit like 2007 when some spanners just hadn’t gotten the memo that the market was fucked. It is very difficult to read but I’m hoping that it is just the last of the 5x leveraged buyers with their 8 - 10% deposits bidding things up before they are forced to actually do some real saving


I think that the price is very high since the site seems to be all to the front/side of the house… I wonder would the planners allow you to build outside of the building line; certainly a bit of a gamble I would say… for that kind of price I think that you could find much nicer family homes in the general area if you look…


I’m confused by it all as a house on the same road asking 65k less just dropped by another 20k yesterday. Frenzy house is quite unique and nicely finished (yet also a bit tatty in places and VERY cold) but now has an offer of 430 and still going strong. Further reinforces my view that it’s a complete basket-case of a market and as such unreadable.

Edit: renewed my AIP this month and as usual is for a further 6 months, although CB rules won’t be an issue, maybe if pressed they give a year?


Surely this isn’t sustainable, an ex council two bed terrace in Cabra asking €295,000: … -1.2108150

They’ve done a nice job on the interior, still seems nuts.


the interior is really nice, but no amount of interior styling would make me pay that kind of money for Cabra.

I’d like to get a better look at the art on the walls…looks gorgeous.


The opening line is hilarious:


Will easily get that asking price. Shoebox apartments are getting that.


Comparable apartments are getting nowhere near that price.
Bigger apartments in better areas are though.


NIRVANA, BALLINCLEA RD, KILLINEY sold for €850k on 5-6-15


65 Ennafort Road struggling to move. Two price moves downward … -5/3194840

18 June 2015: EUR450----> 430k
22 Sept 2015: EUR430----> 415k


Chimewood, 105 Whitehall Rd reduced today from 750k to 699k…a long long time on the market and eventually a price drop


Local factors? :smiley:



That didn’t stop 111 eventually going for 790k, 40k over asking

#1462 … 380939#map