The madness is returning

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Down again today to 395k


I’ve a vision of a housing estate full of inflated bouncy-castles.
You could go to sleep in your bouncy castle in Malahide, happy as Larry, then a big wind during the night blows your home through the air and you land in another post-code entirely (like Raheny) and you’ve lost thousands on the value of your home.

I presume you could offset it as a capital loss against your share dealing wins…


You’d just end up with a market in steerable bouncy castles, which would all end up on Shrewsbury Road.


Sounds eminently rational.

Would probably need either an addition to the house numbers or postcode to indicate how deep in the pile of bouncy castles a particular home was located (like the letters such as 4a denoting a mews or somesuch, we could use letters of the greek alphabet to indicate how deep the house was stacked).


Reduced 660k -> 580k … -5/3088494


Are we back to this corner site shite …this country is fooking sad.
Without the site being sold …you talking wha …730K (ask + doing up) for a 3 bed in D5 …fook off.


I think this is back to boom time prices - 130 Loreto Avenue, Rathfarnam, Dublin 14 475K … 14/3552962

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Haha yeah I saw that, I really thought we peaked last year, but hell was I wrong. Fart sniffing is back in vogue in Dublin, that’s for sure.


Sold for 225k in 2012. Good buy then in fairness

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Windows into walls for 3/4 a mil. Bargain LOL


Beware we might be in the middle of what some one consider a price correction :smiling_imp:


From Nov 2013:

58 Ennafort Park sold in mid-2014 for 530k … nd-109375/

Now asking 575k … n-1318942/

Can’t find any planning permission for the extension over the garage.


Saw this on Twitter today but didnt know where else to stick it - feel free to quote, paste or move to another thread


105 Chimewood has just appeared on the register 20/10 at 750k. They held out and eventually got their asking

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Does that suggest that Dublin residential prices are back to their January 2005 levels? Wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest (at least in south Dublin), as this can be seen on the ground, but would be curious to see the average figures backing this up.


I’m in the horrible position of trying to buy a decent 1 or 2 bed apartment in D1/D2/D7 or D8. There is buggar all out there- I thought Cork St was a good bet as its close to St Stephens Green where I work. So many apts I wouldn’t even consider looking at as I know the areas very well but this one looked perfect. … n-1343702/

Only one other apartment in in that block went for more than 300K so I was hoping this would be possible sub 320 but it’s already at an offer of 335K.

So pissed off at the moment with property and the government- things have just gone completely bonkers in the market since the summer- every open viewing mobbing and pieces of crap apartments at ridiculous prices. I know its the fear of rising rents driving FTBs and “investors” chasing after those higher rents but it’s so demoralising. I finally am in a well paid job and have the savings behind me plus a very generous gift from my parents and still the government add fuel to the fire with the FTB savings shite and the loosening of the deposit rules.


All going exactly to plan, then. :imp:


People need to realize that neither FG/FF or Lab don’t have the people’s best interests at heart. The social contract is long broken.