The madness is returning


You might get 3K a month renting it. 30K a year factoring in a void month and a month’s rent towards expenses. 4.2% yield for a non-passive investment with risk. I wouldn’t.

For a buyer, let’s assume FTB - with the CB rules you need a 70K deposit, 630K mortgage, so you need a 180K income. The mortgage would be EUR2800 or so at 3.5% over 30 years. I don’t know who would pay that sort of money for this.


Airbnb investor


True. Or short term corp lets, maybe.

#1526 … -8/3975230




Asking 325k

Sold for 410k … n-7-721980


Expensive but about two minutes from the new Cabra luas stop. By my calcs, roughly the same time to St. Stephen’s as Balally/Kilmacud (17 mins). So 15 mins from your front door until you cross the Liffey.


Good ol reliable o connor shannon, is there anything they wouldn’t sell?
Has serial killer written all over it!


It’s the cavity block that gave it away isn’t it :laughing:


I just had a quick look at the property price register for Cabra and there appears to be a sizeable gap in price between East and West Cabra which are both served by the Luas. 63 RATOATH EST, CABRA West, DUBLIN 7 sold for €272K, but is a bigger newer house in a quiet long established private estate 10 minutes from Broombridge(train and luas).

I was at the Christ the King church for a funeral last year and it does look more prosperous/gentrified than the West.


“Fabra” I believe its referred to as now :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Is the West called Stabra? :smiley: :smiley:


94sqm in the Tenters, D8 just went sale agreed at €630k or €6.7k per sqm :open_mouth:

#1536 … 10052.html

Proves there’s still swathes of cash out there.
From what I’ve been experiencing in D5 bidding (where we’ve been repeatedly lashed out out it by cash buyers) the bank of mum n dad are helping fuel this madness.


I left the Raheny market after 18 months of trying to buy there. Things started to go 25k to 50k over asking.
The final straw was when a house I was bidding on went for at least 122k over asking (albeit starting was underpriced).
Relieved to be out of that area tbh.


78sqm of extended cottage in Glasthule going for a song at €645,000 :open_mouth:

If I paid that kind of money for that tiny cottage I’d be grimacing every time I squeezed in the door :sick:

All 3 bedrooms are various degrees of tiny, the kitchen is pokey as is the bathroom, the living room is…truncated at best - who on earth pays that kind of money to live like this?


It’s not about how you live, it’s about how much you are paying back - modern willy waving, my mortgage is bigger than yours na na na na na - I’ll wager Glasthule is in south Dublin


Yep no bubble here! :laughing:


It certainly is and very nice it is too…now that it has been gentrified, it would have been seen as a slight bit rough and ready back in the day. My granny lived a stones throw from here so I know the area very well, I wouldn’t pay over 400k for a house with such problematic room layout and lack of space, and even 400k is crazy in it’s own way, but we’re at another level now it seems.


I was briefly wondering if that house at least has a good sized garden, but it looks like that pokey back “garden” / BBQ resting place shown in one of the pictures and a small strip at the front is all there is.
635K is totally nuts.