The madness is returning



“Comprehensively restored period cottage”

“BER E1”

Edit: I’ve just realised that “restore” means to bring back to original condition. Originally this was an ice box and it’s been restored as one.

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A very good read from the perspective of someone who has yet to enter the sphere of mortgage eligibility… Gloomy stuff

i’m referring to myself as that ineligible person FYI, not the author of the article!


Location, location, dislocation.

This depressing 3-bed 3-storey mid-terrace concrete bunker can be yours (off plan) for €1,050,000.

If you want 4 beds that’ll be €1,250,000, thanks.


I won’t comment on the value or location, but I have to say I really like the design of these houses.


to be fair that is a prime location, sea views, 5 min to the dart and the village, and while not to my taste necessarily it looks better as a development in the flesh and its a modern design.

prices are toppy, but you wont get any more sq feet for less in the immediate proximity, you may get a detached house but it’ll need work


Is that a great glass elevator on the front of one of them?

I don’t think balconies are a great idea in Ireland. Apart from being mostly useless due to the weather, the safety requirements of a high bounding wall block light. Unless they’re made of glass and constantly dirty (although if you have an amazing view the cleaning might be worth it). Or made of stainless steel and look like a shopping centre.

I do quite like a bit of cast iron (or powder coated alu or whatever), having the advantages of zero maintenance, letting through the light/view and and adding some visual interest, but I don’t see them very much on modern builds.

I’d like to look out on this, but I don’t think I’d get it even in Dalkey.


given the location and the elevation i can understand the balconys and id imagine the views are pretty special


Judging by this pic, the front balconies (e.g. above the white car) have a glorious view of a 3-4m concrete wall.

How would you actually use that balcony? Sitting out with a glass of Hendricks waiting for guests to arrive? It’s plausible I suppose.

That’s my point about modern developments often not being responsive to their site. It’s like they were designed in a CAD model and plonked on the ground.

Anyway, I’ll stop bitching now.


I really like those from a design point of view; probably the most interesting looking new-build estate around.

I’ve a small balcony which I mostly use to drink coffee in the morning; it gets better sun than the (small) garden due to being higher up.


as with everything in ireland there will be a nice premium on houses with an actual view from the balcony :smiley: they will all probably have them from a design consistency POV

in the estate i bought in recently (of only 19 houses identically sized)

there was a premium for:
aspect (west or east facing garden) circa 20k
End of terrace v mid terrace circa 50k
garden size circa 50k

and then prices went up for phase 2 also (phase 1 was just 8 houses)

there is literally a price for everything :stuck_out_tongue:

i would assume enderley will be the same

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“…Bertie has probably had a good rest.” Says the brother.
I’d say he has alright - all state-funded.

I hope he finally sorted out the bank accounts as keeping track of all the state pensions, and the private speaking arrangements, must be hard with all the cash sloshing around.


never mind his horse racing winnings


The problem with balconies like these is they’re most likely off the master bedroom, so if the neighbours are fond of an al fresco night-cap after coming in late, or of smoking together or just sitting out there chatting over an early morning coffee it could have quite an impact on your sleep/peace. Probably fairly sound-proof considering the cost but if you’re fond of leaving the window open a bit it could be a nightmare.


No idea why people pay such a premium to live in a cramped housing estate with very limited parking, obnoxious covenants and high management fees (i’m assuming the last 2). But happy to see anything soak up money away from other places. Impressive lack of details in the website.


id imaging its because the cost of the same sq footage, in the surrounding area, with a house of a similar spec is a lot more


€420k for a D-rated 2 bed in Raheny. … n-1473673/

That’s madness.


The premium on new build at the moment is quite high because it is so unusual.

The advantage is that you get it to your own spec and have to do very little to it in the first 20 years.

Not everyone fancies the challenge of doing up a 1970s semi, which is the only other option in Dalkey.


Dun Laoghaire. Advertised at €445k; sale agreed (I understand) at €560k. 79m2

Went for €210k in late 2015. Good amount of overhaul done. But 79m2… … n-1472937/


12/8/17: Are Irish Property Prices on a Sustainable Path? … es-on.html