The madness is returning


Your right, misread that.

Congrats Mambo…another long term Pinster has succumbed


The dark side is getting very crowded :slight_smile:

Congrats Mambo


Congrats Mambo! 8DD


These new builds were selling for 380k first phase in 2012, last phase in 2014/5 were asking 500k sealed bids.

Seller now looking for 695k… … re/4136596


The margins just aren’t there to justify building more.


Its inflation innit!


We be FOOOOk’d. We’ve prices and starved ourselves out of any upside to Brexit and we’ll on have the pain when it happens. Imagine if we had as an adequate supply of house where people wanted to live at an affordable price? We’d be 8DD

Instead after brexit we’ll be :sick: & 8-


Never noticed mambo’s big announcement. Belated congrats mambo, thanks for all the diligence on price drop postings over the years.


Congrats Mambo. I take it your house number ain’t No.5 :slight_smile:


New launch in Kilcock, Millerstown. Built on a flood plain. Asking 525k for 5 bed detached. … sh/4146151

Second hand home on bigger and better site sells in June for 450k after 9/12 months advertised. … re/3726503

Smaller one sold for 425k in September.

Another new build were selling at 410k 9 months ago, now advertised at 475k as of above launch. … re/3813148

Further out from the town but strong indications of present day madness. 100k premiums in Kilcock in 6/9 months.


How about 35 Bayview Drive, Killiney … these were the quintessential starter homes of the 1980s. This unextended mid-terrace 900 sq. ft. 3-bed is the bog-standard version, asking €450k. Unimproved 4-beds in Bayview are now asking €550k. It’s still a ways off top-of-the-boom levels, but we’re approaching half a mil’ for the bog-standardest starter home in this area. Nuts.


500 a sq foot the far side of ballybrack :open_mouth:


Pretty sure this is the same one. So it would appear that no one pays that kind of money, since they are asking 585K now


It was all an act. After “we all partied” and the talk of lessons learned, people just pretended they were cured and acted all contrite.
The madness never really went away.

Here we go again… :unamused:

In pictures: Desperate house-hunters queue outside new Dublin development days ahead of sale … 92964.html


Last estate before the Meath border. 24 homes. Didn’t look like 24 families in the queue…


Well, it’s handy for Docklands (21-28 minutes) if you happen to work very specifically right there.

But it’s Ongar. If they are selling the best ones at 500k, 500k for Ongar is more or less at peak madness from 2006.

Just up the road in actual-Clonsilla you can get a 2004-vintage-but-decent 4 bed semi in a mature estate for about 380k, which is exactly half way between 2006 peak and 2012 trough.

So that’s probably a fair reflection of where we are in 2018’s manipulated market: new builds going for peak money, used stuff some way off.


So they are to sleep rough for three nights - voluntarily - for the privilege of buying a house? What is the first person in the queue has 50k in cash and books them all :slight_smile:

I was at the launch of a development in Celbridge three years ago and a fell had 20k in cash to put 4 x 5k deposits down on a run of four terrace houses (two terrace, two end-of-terrace, to be precise). Agent never blinked - wrote a receipt, asked for solicitor details. Houses sold out - and that was nearly 36 months ago before most of the houses were complete.


Clonsilla that desirable? They could buy the exact same gaffs by the exact same builder in Kilcock.


Different market, not sure why you’d compare the two.

Clonsilla is outer Dublin. Kilcock is more like an NCD/Wicklow feel. It’s 2.5x further out.

#1602 … 96702.html