The Malthusians are out of control

When it comes to solutions TUG seems in favour of Swift’s Modest Proposal…trouble is it wouldn’t be the children fron the Malthusian gene pool who would be boiled or stewed.

I reckon start with the lawyers… :stuck_out_tongue:

Taste is too rich for my liking. :-GC

Not to nit pick, but wasn’t Malthus all about doing nothing i.e. eventually there will be too many people, but don’t worry, some of them will starve until we have the maximum possible population. So anyone who advocates active as opposed to passive population control is an anti-Malthusian because it is a deliberate avoidance of his theory?

I am not sure but he was a reverend so any intervention was God’s business I guess… however some of these think they are dong God’s work and surprise surprise the ground work for the Social Darwinists and eugenics and all that flawed bullshit that has caused only harm ironically the very thing constructed to combat what Malthus thought he observed created the reality more fold.

I think Malthusians in the modern sense are those who see only one outcome and thus prescribe the same medicine, population control in whatever banal flavour they illicit.

We are living it now under the propaganda of “Austerity” that which is but a derivative of this flat world thinking, Malthusian, eugenicists, bankers and marketeers, the general Social Darwinists fundamentalists who are nothing but predators and prey on your life to enrich their own.


Not much doing for carnivores in this gene pool, confirmed vegetarians. Dont apparently offer much in the way of attraction for anyone that consumes anything which needs to be killed first and definitely not rich for taste or any other sense.

I’ve posted this before but the Club of Rome a Malthusian fest, a quote from the 1991 publication The First Global Revolution

The beauty of the lie is its needs to portray itself so readily as some kind of undeniable truth.

An exmaple of the propoganda machine at work on your children. This from an industry with western experience who worked in a non western culture context was asked to comment on various nuances of a pilot proposal document recieved from a broadcasting corporation, one that is a household name, he was shocked at the premise and content of the pilot episode proposal. The company never ran with the pilot after considering this in house commentary.

There is a desire to pre-progamme childrens pre logical minds and if you do not have the nesscary decoding ability it will pass right over your logical mind,

Supporting and encouraging breastfeeding in all societies would also go a long way to reducing population growth, improving infant health and survival rates. Unfortunately there’s a a lot of profit in the substandard alternative.

Ah sure don’t mind them. Whatever they say, the only country AFAIK that has real population controlls is China. And even there it isn’t all that strictly enforced.

However, I do sometimes wonder why there is a trend for the rich to have less children and the poor to have more children. This applies among countries (declining populations in the developed world, increasing populations in the developing countries) and also within countries (anecdotes of people on the dole with six kids, and professional couples with 1). I can’t imagine it is entirely due to costs of childcare etc.