The Mansfield saga

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Mansfield receives high court writs - Neil Callanan → … urt-writs/

The last of the self-made men is still smiling in the face of disaster → … 54107.html

The SINDO article is a terrible example of journalism.

It isn’t made clear that all the direct quotes from him were made before the Receiver was appointed.
Even the opening preamble about the paintings in his house is misleading.
The journalist has never been in his house but won’t say so unambiguously!

No wonder they lose circulation.

EDIT - It is a terrible indictment of Ireland that the only way to be “self made” is to have some sort of connection to land and building.
No Oracles or Microsofts for us.
We’ll keep feting people who build shopping centres and houses.

more here:

off the top of my head’Reilly … 89419.html

Ben Dunne/Mansfield. Symbiosis.

What a collection of rogues!

Why don’t you add Denis O’Brien too.

If you exclude those that have benefited from political patronage what are you left with?

Pat McDonagh…the founder of Supermacs and an oirish pub chain that’s in deep trouble.
Larry Ellison better watch out. FFS. … 31718.html

Actually, you’d be surprised.
There are a lot of ‘quiet’ millionaires (and billionaires) out there.

that’s a very interesting gossip site there, spinnaker! I spent far too long perusing it today.

Is there any truth to the bit about

Must say I had never heard a whisper of that. (the "blank"s are me being sensitive to the 'Pin’s legal eagles.)

Jimbo has frequently admitted that he was known to the Guards and ‘in trouble’ as a ‘young fella’

Edit: Incidentally I belive our friend from the aforementioned website made his few bob and retired early to the Canary Islands from where he entertains us with his thoughts. Jolly good luck to him I say :mrgreen:

Not about Jim Mansfield himself but the company he keeps:


I am hearing some mad, mad rumours relating to Mr. Sean WHelan. Anyone got any update on his status in the Mansfield Empire?

Ah Jaysus, if you can’t post wild, unsubstantiated rumours on the internet where can you?

We both know they will be removed.

It’s an update on this…
but what the actual update is I don’t know…

Its got to do with that. But much , much more sinister. And Mad.

So Mad it could only be true.

Unless someone has a link don’t bother…

Any chance of a pm dishing the dirt?

Ok, ive pm Neil Callanan to see if he wants to know what Ive heard. If he does I`m sure there is a juicy story in it. Watch Space.