The Mansfield saga

I meant to me?!

Lets wait for Neil.

PM sent

Wikileaks :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

Just fire an email off to the mad bastard in the Canaries!

He seems to be willing to publish anything!

Page 5 of Tribune.

Can you pop up a scan of the article ?

The Tribune will be online in a few hours.

Businessman’s car destroyed by firebomb → … -firebomb/

I think the Saudi’s don’t like to dirty their bib like that, if they want booze and women they don’t want people to know about it.

Something and nothing perhaps. Luxury cars may attract attention for all sorts of reasons these days. Mercs are notoriously difficult to steal and your average gouger car thief or simple gouger may decide to vent his displeasure or make a statement in other ways.
Any insurance monies from the loss will probably go to Mr Whelan’s Official Assignee.

The piece makes it sound like a sophisticated ‘firebomb’ where on balance it looks no more sophisticated than maybe a bottle of petrol a rag and a match.

Large cars, large houses, large empty buildings , ghost estates and other pieces of property may yet give rise to a particularly Irish version of the Bonfire of the Vanities.

Bet this coming Halloween will be an unequal battle for the fire services

Meh. I was expecting a goat somewhere.

For all we know it might be pyromaniacal goat :smiley:

Well. Mad Stuff I told yis.

Re Saudi students attending “Citywest College”…I hope some of our public representatives are going to ask the Minister of Education and the CEO of County Dublin Vocational Education Committee some hard hitting questions about their involvement in this “college”.

Of course Mr Legal eagle this is probably an entirely random act of vandalism.

on an unrelated topic I have a lovely Bridge to sell you in Brookly… … 2055922265
Aviation Fuel hard to come by.

It would be nice to see Weston turn into a proper GA airfield again.

Jimbo can’t catch a break these days.

Fixed that.