The Maples, Diamond Valley, Bray (-21k)

Was 381k then 375k

Now 360k

Only apartments I know of with their own community website and blog which contain a lot of info about the area

The link above doesnt seem to work.

is this number 7? … ad/1068707
This is only €139k

but this whole complex is built right beside and almost under one of the worst council estates in Bray. while their website looks intresting I still wouldnt live there.

It’s actually a great place to live. My aunt has a place there and I have stayed in it quite a bit. Lots of owner occupiers. Very quiet and a short walk to Bray. One of the few apartment developments around with a good strong management committee that’s run by the residents. Bray is not that big so like any town in Ireland it has some run-down bits -as far as I can see even the poshest parts of Bray are close to the poorer bits. The Dargle road is a really nice area with a good mix of older houses and modern apartment developments. My aunt has never had any problem in Diamond Valley- she doesn’t even need an alarm, the place is so secure. You should take a look at it - the apartments in that development are the largest in Bray with the best views.

139K for a 2bed apartment now … ad/1068707