The March - How Many and What will Happen - 06/11/09

It has been suggested on oter threads that there may be trouble today. TUG says it wont happen till the 24th(trouble) . Any other opinions?

If you want trouble. It’s easy to find.

I dont want trouble. Its just been suggested that there will be due to the ammount of public anger.

Look at the time. Im not going near it. Im just wondering what the noble pinsters think. And in reference to your comment, why do you think that there will be trouble on the 24th ( or more likely as you said) than today?

Because the 24th.

If it goes ahead would be, from what I understand so far, an officially mandated strike. This is a day of action where people are taking half days to attend or are simply not rostered or whatever…

An official strike would lead to some interesting stuff with public transport, gardai, fire and ambulance services.

Oh. Makes sense.

I think we might be surprised.
I reckon the more services are pulled for the day, the less trouble there will be.
If there’s a notion that the country is shutting down for one day, people will stay home, eat biscuits and watch Judge Judy.

Mmmm. Biscuits.


Could be worse could be watching Richard & Judy. :wink:

I think you’ll be surprised.

There is alot of anger out there and I’m not sure even Judge Judy could placate them.

Trouble? What are they gonna do wave banners at one another, FFS :unamused:

This is trouble

I just came through Merrion Square about 15 minutes ago and it’s practically deserted.
A section running up to toward Fitzwilliam square is sealed off.
From a quick count there were less than 20 people waiting in total.
There is a large truck with a speaker platform and speakers pumping out “We will rock you”.
It’s all very surreal !

Sounds like more than 20 people…

It always kicks off late and was starting from the usual route, Garden of fucking Remembrance… :unamused:

live feed of dissidents…

though there are better things to look at on the internet.

Dissidents… Don’t make me laugh…


apparatchiks 8DD

Queuing for Aldi special offers.

they are crossing o’connell bridge on the cameras at the moment

so, they are still crossing o’connell bridge on one camera and the front of the march is arriving at Merrion Square on the other camera.

Definitley more than 20.

Are the IPU in there? :nin

They’re at Merrion square. There’s a bloke with a giant Q-tip at the front.