The March - How Many and What will Happen - 06/11/09
loads of em still crossing the bridge and loads of them at Merrion Square

Ur office must be close to mine.

Hat tip to provost. :wink:

At the end of the day who really cares? Throwing their toys out of the pram or sand pit and they expect us to take notice.

Sad really.

Playing Neil Young’s “Ohio” at the moment!!!

The unions boys are expecting a massacre???

:open_mouth: There’s webcams on their website:

looks like they’ve finished crossing the bridge now.

Big enough of a crowd I’d say

They? They are the Irish public and you expect them to take notice of you?

You’re having a laugh. :laughing:

In Cork city earlier there was a bloke standing across the river from the flat bed artic that the Unions were going to address the crowd from. His banner said; “Ictu Sipto F**K U scroungers”.
There was a man looking for a bit of argibargy. Don’t know whether anything happened. Have better things to do than listen to one of O’Connors minions.

Fair play to them for getting the numbers out.

If only the country could afford to give them what they want.

Perhaps if they had all gotten together and tried to stop NAMA, we might have
some change in the kitty for their wages. But…alas…No.

Shame really.


Did I just hear 70000 as the number marching in Dublin? Not bad for a rainy November day if true…

they are claiming 70,000 turned out in Dublin

I could easily believe that as the public-worker unions become more strident that unemployed public-sector employees will turn up to throw rotten fruit and veg. And I’m sure our Lords and masters will be delighted if that is the case. As long as the Hoi Polloi are at each others throats it distracts them from asking who is responsible for this mess we’re in. Personally I wish that awful awful things would happen to this government but despair of anything ever actually happening.

There were a few getting boozed up earlier in the day. Could be another “Love Ulster” debacle. Rumour has it the Gardai have left lots of construction material lying around.

Jack O’Connor: “Gross miss-management of the country by the people at the top”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t they marching to keep the gross miss-management going as normal?


What exactly is the point of the protest? I’m seeing a lot of signs complaining about NAMA’s €54bn but it’s not actually anti-NAMA is it? Is the message we’re ok with NAMA, just don’t cut our wages? It’s not very clear.

I know what you mean. Everytime I hear of another impending cut I think “if only we weren’t on the hook for NAMA we’d be in such better shape financially”. The last one I heard of was €30M being saved if they do away with the junior-cert. I compared saving tens of millions so that we can afford to spend tens of billions. And I despaired.

One measley billion!! Classic! Sign of our times

Actually I’m on a mailing list for this and apparently they are protesting against NAMA and against the cuts. I understand that their reasoning is if NAMA doesn’t go through then the cuts won’t be necessary. I make no judgment - I merely pass that on FWIW.

Their logic (if you can call it that) is that if we can afford 54bn for NAMA then we can afford 20bn for them.

they miss two points:

  1. We can’t afford NAMA
  2. NAMA’s 54bn is not an annual charge like the 25bn deficit we’re running.

Can we just please get the leaders of the three main parties and ask them if they’ll give in to the unions
demands after an election. If any of them will then lets have an election and let it be a referendum on

If none of the parties are willing to rule out cuts then let the unions go away and understand that they
live in a Republic.

If a party promising to not to cut wages wins an election, that’s good enough for me.


Weren’t the social partners at the top? Or was it just directors of FAS, the Central Bank etc that are to blame :blush: