The Mespil Road Flats Saga: The Beginning of It All?

It’s worth reading this: … nd-mespil/

By May 8, 1993, Geraldine Kennedy wrote a story detailing who exactly had benefitted from the Mespil/New City Estates deal.

“The Minister for Finance, Mr Ahern, is being asked to investigate the circumstances in which the 299 flats in the Mespil Estate in Dublin 4 were sold privately by Irish Life Assurance plc to a group of investors which includes a number of well-known persons in political, legal and business circles.

Two of the Taoiseach’s daughters, Emer and Leoinie; the Attorney-General Mr Harry Whelehan; the former managing-director of the First National Building Society, Mr Joe Treacy; and the managing-director of the Irish Nationwide Building Society, Mr Michael Fingleton were part of a private consortium of “in excess of 20 individual investors” put together by New City Estates, the property management company, to buy the apartments for £8.5 million, an average of £28,000 each, last December. Some of them already listed in the Registry of Deeds as the new owners of flats in the Mespil Estate.”

So the next time one of these poor down and out property developers is interviewed by Marian Finucane…

I believe Marian Finucane’s credibility as a journalist and “voice of the people” persona is greatly diminished and seriously damaged.

In 2008 she was paid ****E570,000 ****for 2 radio shows per week - not counting several weeks off during the year. Why is a part-time radio presenter in a small country paid twice the salary of the US President? How can someone credibly cross-examine bankers, property developers and politicians when she herself is part of the same obscenity?

She’s off air for the month of July and I think her replacement Rachael English is actually better and more listenable, at a fraction of the cost.

twobyfour is right…cute hoorism and deviousness go back a very very long way in this failed state.

Didn’t she have Seanie himself on the show a while back? How tough was she on him?

According to, the apartment she bought was 139 Sycamore House; it’s up for rent at the moment, wonder does she still own it? … -4/900063/

Looks fairly pokey.


There’s at least one other name in there who’s relevant to property development these days


Agreed. Rachael is much more professional, with a much better radio voice!
Time for RTE to call the bluff of these extremely high-paid presenters, and see if they can achieve half that salary at Newstalk or Today FM.