The Mews, 24A Rostrevor Road, Rathgar (-195k, -15%)

Was 1.295m, 1.195m

Now 1.175m … -6/2117748
232.25 m² / 2500 ft²

As featured in “Worst Value House in Ireland” thread.

A hefty €470/sq ft, no garden to speak of, it’s a mews so no grand frontage, still poor value.

now asking 1.1M.


This looks ok value compared to the new builds on Orwell road. I guess if you’re shelling out 1m you may be reluctant to give your address as a mews.

My sentiments exactly.

Hard to imagine someone paying 1m for something called “mews”.

Do people really give a crap what their address is? OK, don’t answer that…

Anyway, I’d have no issue living in an expensive mews and I think it looks lovely. What I don’t have is eleven hundred thousand yoyos.

OTOH the quoted dimensions add up to 213sqm, not 232sqm and the bedrooms aren’t massive.

I think there is a difference between caring about address and the perception of the house you live in.Thr Rostrevor house has a lot going for it but I would want a bit of a garden for my 1m and not think I was living in an infill site. Personally I’d be less concerned about my post code but I’d want to feel I got something substantial for the 1M.

I’m probably just shallow but probably not as shallow as some others. … and-99230/

Sold for 1060k