The Minds of Men

This doc is long and dense, especially so if the subject matter is new to the viewer.

Therefore take your time, watch it in a few parts.

I’m very glad you brought this up.

I have been most concerned by the reports - personal and anecdotal - of people unable to exist in their own company. That is to say, to exist with themselves without external stimulation, excitement or direction.

What irks me most (here in the UK) are the long crowds who stand outside newly opened cycle shops and garden centres, ostensibly to purchase something urgent (else why would they wait?) and important to the execution of their lives.

When one discounts the idea that geraniums, bicycle tyres, fencing and handlebars are essential to human existence, one must come to the conclusion that removing oneself from the home environment provides the ‘meaning’ or some other impetus for existence for many people.

It follows then that one must ask why we cannot exist with ourselves or our immediate families?

Have we become so repugnant to one another and to ourselves that queueing and shopping are the only respite from our internal conflicts?

Have we not then become masterfully managed?

The bizarre juxtaposition is that anyone born before, say, 1980 will remember such times - queues in shops, lack of choice, army checkpoints - and remember them as simpler, happier times…

What are we really experiencing here?

For my part - as mentioned on another thread that, alas, no one cottoned on to - I have been enjoying my time with my family, in the garden, at home, together. Am I some sort of mutant? Some freak?

Is that what we’ve become; our childhood, our family memories of birdsong and togetherness have become anathema to modern society?

Have we fallen this far?

EDIT - Bizarrely I have just come across this quote from Blaise Pascal - “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone."



I think your premise is wrong. I had an “urgent” need for grass seed recently. It wasn’t a matter of life or death but existential questions hinged on it. I have generally little interest in gardening and am about as green-fingered as a barrel of DDT. Grassing over a neglected flower bed stopped it reverting to its primitive state. That made the job of weeding it worthwhile. And while down on my hands and knees pulling ivy roots I listened to many hours of Freeman Dyson, Lee Smolin, Stephen Wolfram, Roger Penrose and others discussing things that really interest me. Those geraniums and handlebars could be a similar means to an end.

That video is in serious need of editting. It’s nearly 4 hours long. I’m 30 minutes in and I’m not sure what it’s about. MK Ultra and brain surgery have been the main things so far.

Did you make it out the other side? :slight_smile:

Unfortunately not. I’ll start again over the weekend.

Gu’wan ya good thing!


@tulip How did you get on? :icon_beer:

Didn’t get a chance to see it. It’s not easy to carve out 4 hours. Hopefully I’ll get around to it.

Things that seem bizarre might not seem so bizarre after all - a worthwhile catch up to help lay the ground work before mid-may contact tracing app push and the various other events and chaos waves that will occur this year, as the fog of WAR is gettin’ foggier, if anyone has not watched the Minds of Men, time may be running out, watch it while you can how you can.

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@tulip Did ya manage to wade through this in the end? :icon_biggrin:

Who is this we, paleface

Well, it was written with an emphasis on the Dominic Cummings usage of ‘we’.
That is to say; You.

Did ye watch Minds Of Men at all?

Did not endure the 4 hours long Minds of Men Doc - Ok, this will drag you screaming right to the possible present, while only utilising only 8 minutes of your time.

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A scare at bedtime.

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Imagine your school using sneaky hypnotic mind control techniques on your kids.

Original video, a later related video here Coronavirus 2020

The video in the OP no longer works, and I know none of ye watched it to the end ot at all! :wink:

THE MINDS OF MEN is a 3+ year investigation into the experimentation, art, and practice of
social engineering and mind control during the Cold War — a mind-bending journey into the
past that gives startling insight into the world we are living in today.

You may also find it on bitchute and probably other platforms

SPOILER , but really important.

There is a really important end scene, so I’ll transcribe it here to cut to the chase, becasue the last 72 hours will make compelte sense, well I hope.

The scene starts with the a few paper cuttings one reads:

War Is Mental, Teachers Told

Defnse Starts in Minds, UNESCO Aide Decalres

A few cuts later, we see a lady on a podium at UNESCO Founding 16 Nov, 1945 as she reads aloud the follwoing declaration (running time approx 3:30)

The Governments of the State parties to this constitution
on behalf of their peoples declare
that since wars begin in the minds of men
it is in the minds of men that defenses of peace must be constructed.

I’d say that’s as good a declaration of WAR on the Minds Of Men as any.