The Minds of Men

I have to say I love these two. Their recent series on the history of the US financial system is a little unwieldy but epic nonetheless. Very enjoyable for a 10 hour documentary on banking it’s very addictive. Their recent upload on the metaverse is also worth a watch.

Resurrect Dead on Saturn: Surrogates in the Metaverse Future

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LATEST Ashling Murphy murder: There is a ‘call to action’ and we must ‘stretch ourselves’, mass-goers in Tullamore told

Priest tells congregation: “We need a prophet, a vision that we can put into action, so that fear and violence will not be tolerated.”

Eh did anyone tell him to … you know, turn around and look up? :latin_cross:


Do you belong to the 94% of Internet users who have no clue?

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Google Search has a US online search market share of about 70%, or even 94% if Google Images, Google Maps and Google-owned YouTube are added (see chart above).

If you belong to these 94%, there is some bad news for you.

As a well-known US podcaster recently discovered, Google is indeed “hiding information” from its users. This has actually been known for many years, but it has become especially obvious and serious during the coronavirus pandemic.

Control the majority of the searches of the world, you control the information that fuels the mind. You control the mind. Basic mind control. Tell the right kind of lies for the desired result.

Yes, for years this has been going on. Decade plus.

Big Tech has actively subverted the Irish state insidiously against the sovereign people before now, but we’re in the thick of the WAR now, if you couldn’t see it during the 8th, you probably didn’t spot it before, but the 8th was a high point, now everyday is the 8th, ya dig?

Traffic is the lifeblood of any website, Big Tech is basically traffic mafia.

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we need not topple today’s edifices, merely step away from them. in the end, they need us, not we them.
remember what actual freedom looks like: its roots lie in self-reliance, not convoluted permission.
remember that, and this future becomes certain.

Many Pins

Many pins will be required to pop this reality bubble.

Substack has appeared and positioned itself jsut at a time when mass exodus and traffic need a new home, it’s an in between forum and social media, a non Gzzgle blog, a midpoint rest stop in the exodus, it offers a great long form proposition - as I’ve joked before, wait till they discover forums, well that is substack essentially.

There is also the story of gab that precedes all the madness, 3/4 or more years and was a harbinger of what was really going on. It made gab bigger and stronger.

In short, Gab, and existing sites/offerings that it is not a free speech issue per se, but a market monopolistic issue.

Section 203 cover free speech for platforms.

It’s pure Mafia. Gzzgle mafia tackle the traffic, send it on to Twatter/Fakebook media, they weed out the trouble makers, dinosaur media mafia take what they like and only point back to approved mafia sources and around the circle goes - Monopoly Mafia.

I welcome the move by the powers to be to scare the bejesus out of all school going children in the country by mandatory mind manipulation in relation to men and violence and I think every child should stand quietly every day at a certain time to reflect on something they for the most part know fuck all about and most definitely are not responsible for.

We need a massive public awareness campaign by all national media outlets in conjunction with all our elected officials and celebrities to highlight the dangers of men, A concerted effort must be made by all to hammer home the message with wall to wall every hour on the hour coverage on the topic (rte)

I would suggest that the government set up the various advisory groups that could be relied on to provide the proper supports required to bring an end to men being men and allow society to return to normal, in order to avoid bias the main roles could be filled primarily by non-men.

A subset grouping of behavioral scientists could look at the practicalities of placing social restrictions on men until a chip and pin system can be rolled out with only the chipped and pinned been allowed mingle in certain public spaces at certain times.
These measures may seem draconian in the short term however the long term results I am sure will show that young adults are more mentally fucked up than ever before be that positive or negative, a result is a result.

Menn R De’ Vyrus!

Yea but is nobody like totally shocked at the thoughts that Leo would after-all be so sacred of a Pandemic of Men no? :icon_beer:

Men, what decade were you born?


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No idea where to put. Anyway:

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Religious assembly? :wink: (Do schools still have such things nowadays?)

Elon Musk – a prominent lockdown sceptic and free speech proponent – has bought a 9.2% stake in social media platform Twitter worth nearly $3 billion U.S. dollars. Guido Fawkes has more.


Another interesting video - the context at the start is long, so just begin at 18 minutes if you want the core. Tl:dr internet searches are so rigged, page one may say 1,000,000 results on x pages, but click through the pages and they may end at page 7 now only listing a total of only 323… mostly institutional results, not individuals.

I tried it with just two. Yup.