The National debt has not gone away you know

So glad you’re not dead GB. :slight_smile:

Relieved, you mean!!! :laughing:


Looks like it’s arguably time to dust off those ol’ tax-cut repealin’ gloves.

It looks as if the entire 11 year tax cut went to fund a housing bubble. Time to add a new 49% band for incomes over 50K.

Means we stay within the stability & growth pact, we can double the Dublin Bus fleet, modernise cancer services and finally, start giving serious aid to indigenous innovative non-property business start-ups.

I’m fully in favour of a higher tax rate if we get proper services like you described.

If it goes on propping up the builders however…

Its true that tax breaks were used to pump up the bubble and subsidise a building industry which was already making obscene profits. At the same time government expanded the public service and created the great monument to inefficiency and incompetence we see today. Creating a pampered but fearful public service is an effective way to buy elections. Profits declared by multi-nationals in Ireland at low 12.5% was enough to fund all of this. And of course the great unwashed were able to borrow to pay stamp duty on overpriced houses.

What now? Gov borrowing (i.e deferred taxation) is increasing rapidly. Where will the big tax increases be?

Not corporation tax (imagine the flight of MNCs).

Not the idle rich (imagine the flight of capital).

It has to be the working poor. The problem for politicians is to find an “acceptable” way to tax the poor.

Fortunately, they have already found a way to do this. It is called “green taxes”. After decades of propoganda, green taxes (e.g. taxes on the basic processes of living like energy and waste) can be presented as socially progressive even while they target the poor. We will have the spectacle of the Green party actually bragging about the taxes they are imposing while the FFers duck and distance themselves. When the backlash comes, the FFers hope the Greens will take the blame. In a way, I hope they do.

We have bin charges, next we’ll have water charges and before you know it, we’ll be back to council rates (actually, why not have all three? :unamused: ). Think about it – the property well has dried up for the CoCos all over the county. “Conserve water” campaigns do not exist just to line the pockets of “preferred” PR agencies you know – it’s laying the “groundwork” for an inevitable water tax.

The councils have a bloated staff, are locked in to pay agreements and we have a central government who are going to have to tighten the purse strings. Redundancies are simply not an option – that’s for the working people (including the “knowledge-based economy” workers).

Let’s not forget the evil crypto death ray massacre bacteria that have conveniently been appearing in various water supplies around the country over the last number of years.

If bertieCo managed to rid us of the national debt then we might have some options available as a country to get us out of the bad times.

Studying leaving cert economics in the early 90s was depressing. The Servicing of the national debt made up 25% of all govt expenditures. Imagine being able to spend that money on construction of real infastructure.

Lol. Imagine!

I had a dodgy stomach the whole 7 years I was living in Galway. I, being a typical Irish man, dismissed it as the inevitable effects of 20 years partyin’, drinkin’, smokin’ and eating too much chilli, and just got on with life - volcanic Barney-style belches and all.

Moved to Derry at Christmas, no significant change in eating, drinking, general lifestyle really.

Stomach has been just fine since. I suspect the Galway tap water was the real culprit - I drink 3-4 pints of water a day. Before Galway - no trouble with stomach. After Galway - no trouble with stomach. In Galway? Endless trouble. For 7 years :open_mouth:

And isn’t it true that all new houses built in the last couple of years have to have a water meter installed? By law? But there’s “no plans to introduce water charges” :unamused:

I don’t know which depresses me more - our incompetent, evil, lying mafioso government or the foolish populace that blindly accept whatever shite (literally, in the water!) the mafia tell them to accept.

they’re bringing in water charges, and they’re blaming the E.U.

They’re also going to increase taxes on beer and fags and tell us its for our own good.

Then come the congestion charges, speed camera fines, slashing of the health and education budgets (while heavily promoting private education and hospitals)

He did not rid the nation of debt, he just moved it from the government to each individual in the shape of mortgages and car loans. So now instead of the government being broke, everyone else can be instead!

I’m concerned that they are about to head into a splurge of loans thus making the people AND the government broke.

Cut the public sector wage bill (I’d rather see this done by performance related pay, so the lazy feckers get nothing and the hard workers get rewarded, the public service should not be a home for the unemployable) and use the savings to build infrastructure so that business has a chance.

We most certainly will. AFAIK all new houses have a water meter as a planning condition. Mine (built five years ago) certainly does.