The National Debt


the Governor warned, however, that the larger annual deficits out to 2025 – with higher debt – increased “the risk facing the public finances and the economy compared to a plan that targeted a quicker pace of debt reduction and lower debt”.

This is the first time the governor has responded to the Government’s revised budgetary plan.

Dump a plan

In the SES, Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe appeared to dump a plan to gradually move towards a balanced budget in the wake of the pandemic, setting the State on an entirely different fiscal path.

The revised budgetary estimates anticipate an additional €18.8 billion in borrowing over the next five years, some of which will be used to fund housing construction and supports.

In his letter, Mr Makhlouf said the State had one of the highest debt ratios of any country in the industrialised world.


HSE throws over 80 million squids on the fire and they get Critisied.

The report noted the ventilators were prepaid and sourced from 10 suppliers who were previously unknown to the executive.

It said the quantity of orders was “far in excess” of what was required.

But only around one fifth of these ventilators were delivered, and none of them were put into clinical use.


Too many people shouting "DON’T PANIC, BUY VENTILATORS, BUY THEM ALL!!
Hard to blame them in reality, don’t forget, we were being told at the time that most people who got COVID needed to be put on a ventilator to help them recover.


Die. To help them die.


Yeah, and the HSE carried out an internal report that gave the HSE the lowest score possible and the HSE accepted the HSE report, fair play to the HSE and RTE who put in the foi request for telling us fook all, of course RTE and the HSE breathe the same air.
China sold us the fake videos the faulty PPE some of the faulty ventilators and God knows what else and not to worry we might get a refund, will we fook sure we never got a receipt.


There’s a perception that Ireland’s monster debt – it will be €240 billion by the end of the year, on a per-capita basis the third highest in the world – was put there by band of rogue bankers. And that we as a people have been victims of a terrible wrong.

The truth is stickier and more unpalatable than the bar-stool narratives we tell ourselves.

Most of the debt – more than €100 billion – arose from a sequence of budget deficits run up in the wake of the 2008 financial crash and linked to the then government’s mismanagement of the public finances, a government that was voted into office three times in succession.

The former Fianna Fáil-led administration had spent lavishly in 2000s while using windfall taxes from the property sector to plug the holes in its accounts.

Not much new to pinsters here, but for the record, from the ‘paper of record’. Interesting as to why they and their readers choose to wake up every so often. Before hitting the snooze button again.


But no specific mention of the best paid public sector in the world. A word class pay and pensions system that is the envy of the world.


Which pushed house prices into being unaffordable for not just the working class but in Dublin the middle classes as well at this stage.


A nation of Debt Slaves, is a Slave nation.