The National Debt


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The State’s national debt rose to just under €236 billion last year up from €218 billion 12 months earlier as spending on pandemic-related measures and supports continued to mount up, according to the Central Statistics Office (CSO).

This equates to more than €47,000 for every individual in the State and is one of the biggest national debts in the world on a per capita basis.




When I’m not logged in on a device I end up reading the first few posts of a thread to get a link to the bottom.

It struck me that anyone yearning for the good ole days of the 'pin could do worse than read the start and end of this thread, or the other long standing threads on property and finance.
13 years apart, concerns went mainstream about Ireland’s debt growing from €50bn due to Anglo non performing loans in January 2009.

One could ask in a moment of introspection, how much has the 'pin changed it’s views in those 13 years. And how much have my views changed.:whistle:


It’s all part of the same continuum going right back to the day we joined the euro.


It took a tad longer to get to the 225bn, but take a bow Sidey


Only thing with that post by Sidewinder is that the debt of €225 or €230bn was not mainly due to the Bank Losses or even Nama.

Most of the debt bill since 2008 is due to budget deficit spending during ‘austerity’. This annual budget deficit continues to this day under the ‘conservative’ coalition of FF/FG.



great maybe we might get a new political party with a new vision, stopping giving away free shite to people who make no contribution to our society, that would save 10B a year.


Don’t be silly. There’s lots of money!!! :clown_face:


Still rising