The New Black & Tans

You are Regime,

Switch is flipped.
No air travel. No way out.
Natives are coming for your head, would you:


Do all to preserve nation


Arm the newly arrived.
Give them a choice.
Defend regime or die.
Loyalty equals privileges + perks
Release on natives to terrorise and quell
Whatever it takes etc. etc

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Well this has appeared

The net effect thus far of dumping hundreds of men from unknown places by the bus load into the heart of communities is to introduce fear, dread and even terror but also rapid resistance evidence by months of protest, including todays’ mass protest.

Let’s say the ratio is 80/20 male-female.

144,000 men for 2023

That’s a massive army of men.

Interestingly that is just a few thousand less than the National Volunteer force at its height before the <10k Irish Volunteers split off from it at the time of the British Empire’s entry into WW1.

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The “autobahn”, :thinking:

Perhaps this parent is a migrant, a legal one or it’s made up.

IF we think about the “troubles”, and even further back, the main Hegelian payoff of introducing enough violent chaos chaos violence in a previously peaceful homogenous and civilised society is to seize the justification to create a full on Police State where the State retains an escalated monopoly on violence and undue powers, in other words #Troubles4All and the “State” or Regime has already given itself undue power since 2020, fill in the blanks but you only need a few “incidents” and you have the next play activated.

This woudl be option C if there was an option C, a Hegalian setup.

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Afraid Lisa

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In 2005 Blair brought down the number of asylum applications by 75%. How - showered them with British passports like confetti if they agreed not to apply for asylum.