The new paradigm

Pardon me if I get this wrong but this is my first thread.

I have been reading a lot lately about WEF, Pandemics, CDBC etc. I have been feeling angry and powerless. I don’t have the same money or resources to change the world back to normality.

But perhaps I have something more powerful.

The world is coming to a cusp. A new form of techno totalitarianism is planned and feverish activity is underway to birth it. Good people are mobilising resistance and a great piece of work has been done to identify the modus and the culprits. But resistence against such forces is largely futile. Watch as Australia criminalises dissent. Read the Gulag Archipeligo for a future map.

But one thing will work. And that is the engagement of the public with a new paradigm for the future management of society. A new vision for humanity.

An idea is more powerful than any weapon.

The Davos gang only have fear and division. We need to articulate a vision with hope, embedded in positive societal forms. People are yearning for this. Despite all of the digital distractions and circuses everyone knows “something is rotten”

I hope to use this thread to set out what form I think this could take.

This is my resistance. Of all of the other fora out there this place has the best minds that I have encountered so please contribute as you see fit.


First position : It doesn’t matter if I don’t get this fully right. I want to state that there are alternatives. These alternatives are generally better than the current system. Simply injecting that idea is powerful just by itself.

It doesn’t matter that I don’t have reach. The Gulag book was handed from house to house. It penetrated the consciousness.

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I think direct democracy could take power away from politicians and their backers who, across Europe and further afield, are telling the public how it is rather than representing them.

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Without a system change the no matter who comes after any of the current political parties the results will be the same over time. I.e the system of donations and lobbyists will be the ones with the power.

I also entertain the notion of directly electing taoiseachs, finance ministers first and the (maybe shortly after) directly electing each ministry.

This is obviously far more complicated but could work. Direct democracy is likely a better option.

Ive also heard of the idea of citizen assembies. You need 3,500 ish people to get a statistical representation of the populace if randomly picked. Maybe go 10,000. Rotate it every 6 months. Pay them well, ensure job security in law. Like jury service. Replace the politicians.

Sounds expensive? It would be but how many quangos and ngos are we funding? No need for them anymore.

Anyway direct democracy is likely the simplest and best option. Something like the swiss model is worth looking at in detail.

Apologies. I have been travelling a bit. Typing this on my phone in a cafe. I will try and keep feeding the thread.

It’s a big subject so I’ll attack it from different angles. I want to explore the usefulness of the ideas. Might end up writing a manifesto of the stuff that makes sense.


First guiding principle.

Any new paradim must be based on the true understanding that we as a species and individually are both intelligent and flawed.

The intelligent bit we all assume but flawed?

I’m drawing here on 4th Turning theory and on the Bible. We have sufficient sociopaths and power seekers within all populations to endlessly push for poor societal outcomes. This leads to deeper principles of scepticism and balancing of power.

Scepticism implies a search for truth through open discussion without fear of retribution. It also implies freedom of speech and reach.

Balancing of power is an enormous topic and needs seperate dissection. I’ll focus some thoughts next on the former and see if I can ennuciate it in a newer more meme’d way.

With sufficient power seeking sociopaths scepticism can never be without fear of retribution.
Willingness to stand up for principles and truth in the face of retribution is necessary. There is no sociopolitical system that removes the requirement for men to be brave.


Very true. The sad thing is that while people must take risks and be brave in the face of evil the current crop have been raised on safetyism (is that a word). Given that I trying to develop concepts for the youth mind I might focus on promotion of the ideal of bravery rather than specific risk. I’m being a bit crafty picking “attractor” rather than “repulsive” concepts. A general sympathy towards being brave will instance many actual acts of bravery.

I should add that the current disorder in society and its diversion from mean is opening the opportunity to destroy it by offering a space for a new paradigm that people would actively and positively desire.

I know what I am against but what am I for.

Build the new iPhone.

I will deal with technology later. But in short…no phone. As a species we are defenceless against AI. There is more than enough evidence to support this. This will have to be broken via other means. CDBC might cause the shift.

I don’t mean literally.

Build the new thing peeps want that they don’t even know they want.

A new iPhone.

A wha?

That’s what I am doing. Provide ordinary folk with a better future. One they fully buy into because it is directed and makes their life experience so much better than fear and authoritarianism.

Perhaps hugely naive but worthwhile perhaps.

All positive efforts are worthwhile. Even if just for yourself.

So let’s go back to intelligent but flawed.

There is a flaw in the human species. We reproduce a sub category that lacks emotional connection to society. Sociopaths & psychopaths. They live like viruses in our societies. They are utterly self absorbed and obsessed with power (and this is power for the sake of power). Usually twinned with higher intelligence and suffering from a form of perfectionism where their ideal models never work because we never implement them sufficiently enough (in their view). They never obtain satisfaction nor joy (which is a driving force for them). Carnality gets plumbed deeper and deeper until all that is left is perversion and wickedness.
We are seeing the fruits of this all the time now; WW3 is at hand to fill the coffers of the military industrial complex, the banking system has been plundered once (maybe twice if you count the bust) this century and looks like it is going off again (CDBC), a fake pandemic has been unleashed to provide massive private profit as well as to psychologically terrorise the population, religion (and in particular, the conventional order of the family unit) is being wiped out to be replaced by unreligion e.g. individualism, consumerism and lately, I notice, Luciferism/Satanism.
Having just reread the above I realise how quaint it sounds. Sure, the mechanics are new and the modus of delivery much much speeded up but the theme is ever present.
But what is clear is that the outcomes are not new. We humans have been conscripted by BAD ideas many times just even in the last century. Fascism, Communism, Maoism, Hyper Capitalism and lately Techno authoritarianism. It’s rinse and repeat.
This is the human flaw. We are susceptible to sophists. And 10’s of millions seem to die in each cycle.
The main constitutionists understood this. Preamble’s regularly include calls to a God from which the Constitution is derived. They knew that pure human constructs are doomed to fail. The Lord’s prayer has the wonderful but inadequate “Deliver us from Evil”.
So how do we deliver this concept to the generations that follow us ?
There used to be fables, morality tales, apocryphal stories, religious texts. This was before the deluge – the data deluge.
The first step is to admit that Evil is real. It affects us all. The next step is to identify and confront it. Cutting the genitals off a child is morally abhorrent. The last step is to consistently combine this into a consistent coherent simple refrain.
I think there is hope. For example, the lure of infinite sexual partners is fading. People are beginning to understand that fleeting self indulgence is only brief and not actually meeting their needs for communication and relationships. This was the vanguard of the individualist movement and it is in retreat. I never expected that to happen. Sex is fundamental to the human experience and was weaponised early in this fight.
Other fight backs are happening in the corporate world. People are opting out, more are quietly quitting and the ethos of having to slave away for someone else is fading. The excesses of the rich are tempting but many are starting to see the price too – no privacy, no integrity, self harm/suicide etc. Reality TV is boomeranging. And the new politics is on its last legs. It can only be held up by the festering NGO complex. The empires of USA & EU are collapsing. The institutions have lost most of their legitimacy and are flailing for a total control. The corned rat is very dangerous.
But the opportunity is clear and visible too.
Have the courage to say what is Evil. You will be amazed at how many people will agree with you.


Next stop : the role of scepticism and why we don’t want it but need it.

Not sure where to put this

It’s been a while.

I’ve been too deep down the rabbit hole and needed a break. But funny enough I came across this article in the Hedge today :slight_smile:

Last Sunday on a walk I eavesdropped on the conversation of 4 young lads (16-17). They were well clued in. Talking about how expensive stuff was, how the banks weren’t to be trusted etc. It took me by surprise. I’ve also been chatting with lads in their late 20’s - they are fed up with the current system. They deeply understand the curruption. Indeed, there was a big buzz about what Tucker would do next.

They don’t want to live in a culture that has devolved to cater to society’s lowest, most abnormal, deviant, hedonistic, psychotic, sociopathic, dishonest, crooked, lazy, defiant, bizarre, militant cohorts of individuals

No one does. The enemy is …looking much easier to attack.

It is a fractious coalition of fanatics and lunatics, relatively small in number, who harbor an innate antipathy toward each other that is only held in check by rivers of money flowing to them from globalist billionaires, opportunistic corporations, environmentalist pressure groups, and government Their resources are money and anger.

I was listening to a podcast about psychopaths last week and it gave an example of a rapist being interviewed in prison. He complained that he could not understand why he was in prison or why the women he raped had a problem with it as when he was raping them he was having a marvellous time.

This is what we are dealing with in a Globalised world. I have no doubt that Gates is a psychopath and so many of the war hawks and pharma gang too. The Corporatisation of the world has filtered them to the top.

This is a key idea to help the next generation understand their enemy. This generation is utterly weak and confused. The next generation see clearly that things are going to be much worse for them. We can provide leadership to them. It would appear they are desperately seeking an alternative. Feed the truth.

Optimism is contagious.