The NPHET Photos



Big claims there are images of one or more NEPHT heads depicted breaking their own rules, ignoring their own impositions while the nation huddled and petrified, basically Animal farm stuff by all accounts.

So lets imagine, these photos, what might they showcase. There has to be some smiling. Big smiles. Life is good. Happiness. Not a care in the world. No mask/s. If they are smiling there has to be no masks. Ok so no masks.

It may be a family occasion. It may not be family, but probably no social distancing. Maybe nice and close. Maybe very cosy indeed. Cosy cuddles.

We might see vaccine-person mixing with unclean person/s, cosy cuddles or not.

What else might we see in these photos?

Illegal hugging?
Illegal fun?
Illegal tourists?
Illegal illegals?

Might there be golfing?

Might there be some food and drink?

Did Leo roll up his sleeve and get his special-edition-vax on live TV yet like he said he would?

Who knows eh, speculation must be rife, the only way to end speculation is to see the images, but do we actually need to see the images to know the measure of the malice?

We have been here before. Too many times before.

When will we see the images if they exist?

Do they exist?

Who took them?
Who is trying to release them?
What is actually going on?
Is it a distraction?

They are still coming for all the children. First the weak and sick children. Then all the children.

Will there be tears?
Will there be laughing and jubilation?
Will there be shock and dismay?
Will there be political disappointment at such a delicate and sensitive time?
Will the wall come crumbling down?
Will this make the regime even stronger once liabilities are removed?
Will Liabilities removed improve regime appeal so they can still get closer to your children?
Will it be a political hit or genuine outrage leak?

Poll - Is Holohan a (bullshit) spoofer?