The NPPR late payment trap … -1.1445314

I find his lack of faith disturbing.


I know it’s just me.

However, I have never, ever, ever, seen ‘flaccid’ used in a sentence that didn’t have some sexual connotation.

Anyhoo, what’s he on about?

Dear David,

You are required to notify the Revenue Commissioners of any change of address if you live, or have interests, in Ireland. They are neither required to find you, nor even read a change of address from any returns sent by your employer.

That is all.


A strange decision to make as the mortgage costs would have been far greater than the rental costs at the time.

I had to pay a few quid in late payments.

It wasn’t because I was unaware - I thought about letting on it wan’t a NPPR because it used to be my PPR and then I left Ireland so I thought they mightn’t notice, seeing as I didn’t owe any income tax on it. Then I had a change of heart (mainly due to the rapidly increasing late fees) and ponied up.

I reckon many of these lads are in the same boat. I really don’t buy this line “I’d never heard of the NPPR”

The late payment fee seems ridiculously high. Maybe the fact that many of the victims live abroad has a role here?

We’re starting to see government agencies using fraud and trickery to set people up for extra fees and charges.

Im hearing anecdotes about the Motor Tax Office pretending not to have received peoples car tax renewals, so that they can then charge them a late fee.

When the state starts to routinely defraud its citizens, collapse is not far away. Prepare yourselves. Ireland will be a full Argentinian kleptocracy within a couple of years.

AAM has a thread on this as well…talk of it being illegal to charge more in fees and penalties than the fine

if you don’t pay your bus fare it’s a lot more than the original ticket…

I know someone else who was stung by this as well. They don’t actually issue any reminder that payment is due or even overdue by letter, email or other means, so if you’re in Zambia or Zion Rd (only place in Ireland that I can think of beginning with Z) you need to remember to pay up yourself. Given the hefty penalty fees, probably a mistake that people will only make once.

During any period I lived abroad I was acutely aware of everything current affairs in Ireland. On my first stint, I read Irish newspapers a week late and the websites for the Irish newspapers and would easily have seen a story like the NPPR.

The reason I make this point is that prior to first going abroad and I hadn’t a notion, nor did I give a fuck, what was going on in my country. I had a brief of any headline news but I never asked questions. In fact it was going abroad that gave me perspective on a whole load of issues, forming my earliest valid opinions. You can be damned sure any Irish living abroad with an interest here would follow a budget.

So I call bullshit on anyone going abroad and not knowing about a tax, unless they were in a remote research station above the artic circle, or living with tribes in the amazon.

Ignorance of the law is no defence and all that.

Revenue judgments very often have more interest and penalties than the original liability amounted to.

I’d have an issue with the tax “advisor” if I was him.

It may partly be a generational thing but when I moved to Canada to do my medical residency, I lost contact with Ireland almost completely for three years. Fortunately, I had no assets there to worry about.

Absentee landlord paying a bit of extra tax? I’m okay with that.

I thought it was noteworthy how a lot of the individuals in the media are quiet about if they were renting it out - though I believe the owners of unoccupied/holiday homes should also pay

There’s no late fee for motor tax renewal. If you are late, you still just pay back to the time it was due.

I’m seeing anecdotes presented as facts…

Well a guy called into Joe Duffy a couple of weeks ago and claimed he was charged a late fee for being late with his Road Tax. Joe Duffy is usually pretty well researched so Im inclined to believe it. You can look for it in the archives if you want.

Are you a taxi driver by any chance?