The NPPR late payment trap

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you’ve to declare it off the road in advance now. Anecdotally - I know several - too many punters taking the piss

I don’t know if this is linguistics or regulations, but you don’t pay a fine for not having paid your bus fare, if caught you’ve to pay the “standard fare” of €100, with a €50 discount if you pay within 21 days.

Indeed - 1/12 of a yearly fee for each month that passes - isn’t that what I said? Unless you get a declaration of non-use before the period of non-use, your vehicle is deemed to be on the road.

I’ve no time for motor tax, by the way, but to claim that penalties are being levied on purpose is nonsense. What has happened is that a Declaration of Non-Use must now always be provided and it appears must be arranged in a timely manner instead of being post-dated.

I didnt repeat it as true. I said I heard an anecdote.

Er, yeah and then you followed it up with eating the goo from your neighbour’s brain:

If you want to go down the kleptocracy route, you don’t have to look further than levying private pensions…

0.6% levy is not significant compared to the fees the fund managers take out. I dont know why people got so upset about that.

I suspect the furore was generated more by the industry insiders, who dont like the government taking a slice off their revenue streams. If a fund manager is making 1% on total assets under managment, theyre likely booking that as revenue for themselves, and passing on 0% to their clients. Then the levy comes along and shrinks their revenue by 60%. Bye bye bonuses, porsches and box seats at landsdowne rd.

How do you arrive at 60%? It would shrink the assets but the fee would still be 1% of assets

Have you have a pension yourself in the past? Which company?

Holiday home owners and landlords pay up EUR23m in tax amnesty … 33502.html

Time to shut down the Land Registry?

Stories like this make me panic a little even though I don’t think I’ve any liability to the NPPR, unsurprisingly the NPPR website is down.
We bought a family home last year, closed at the end of July but have not yet sold the apartment we lived before that and it is currently rented out (breakeven point on the apartment is getting closer).
We’re up to date with household charge etc… on the apartment and have registered for the exemption on the house. The best info I can find is that since we only owned one property on March 31st 2013, which was our PPR at the time, we didn’t have a liability for 2013, is this correct?

If only there was a body of people professionally trained to account for this sort of thing.

A person making investments in a highly regulated asset class could pay them to advise on tax compliance.

NPPR charge outcry - Department must take the blame … 83827.html

Been following this story on Joe Duffy. The way it was handled utterly disgusts me and I would be fucking livid if it happened to me. I can easily believe many, many people were unaware that this tax was due. It was referred to as a “second home tax” in the media time and time again, and it is also confused with the property tax. A lot of the people who got caught out were people who only own one house, and had to move out of that house and in to a rental for job or other reasons. I can also easily believe people who live abroad were not aware of this.

How hard could it be for the councils to send out a simple letter, the way the revenue did with the property tax? That would have circumvented all of these problem.

One of the most insidious aspects is that the councils allowed the payments to go delinquent for four fucking years before they bothered their lazy arses to write a letter to anybody.

Then the owners were presented with a sucker punch of notice of the obligation to pay €800 in tax and a fine of €3,200 for being late. This was the first ever communication they received on the subject. Some of the callers on Joe Duffy received the letter THIS WEEK with a deadline to pay by Friday before it goes up to €7,250.

Total fucking banana republic mismanagement and incompetence.

Small prediction by me …

There will be a retrospective look at this tax.
People will be given the opportunity to pay everything they owe ***without ***penalty, or a small one to satisfy a certain box tick.

This has been handled in the worst possible way, by means of the outrageous fines.
If they attached a manageable fine to it, there would not have been such an outcry.

But sending one letter (the very first one about the tax) demanding thousands just doesn’t work.

A royal clusterf*ck if ever there was one.

They came after my old man for this recently. Now given that he hasn’t been doing much walking on this earth in this decade nor the last and that he had fuckall let alone an NPPR, that is a bit of a try-on.

I might technically owe NPPR and penalties for year 2011. I was living in the property in Jan 2011 and put it on the market when I moved to Germany. I took up residence in Germany. I never rented the property out in 2011 and only slept in it when I returned to Ireland on short breaks until when I finally managed to sell it a couple of months later. I didn’t view it as a holiday home.
According to the FAQ I don’t qualify for an exemption.

Am I going to pay NPPR on this? Not a chance.

Can someone please calculate what interest rate they are charging on these debts assuming you pay next month ?

Assuming €800 liability incurred from 2009 to 2012:

  • paying €4,220 in August 2014 is 44.6% APR
  • paying €7,230 in September 2014 is 57.3% APR