The number of empties in Adamstown is worse than we thought

I swear I haven’t photoshoped it :open_mouth:

Still there for anyone who wants to see it for themselves.

And Adamstown isn’t the only place with the problem.
Methinks there’s a moth in the machine.


I can’t see this image, get the message

This image does not exist on this server

Any chance of pasting it into a post.

Might be the " at the end.

Could someone post it up here, I can’t get at it due to the filter at work.

Heh nice computer glitch

I saw this glitch for some locations in Galway too. Doesn’t mean it’s not funny though :laughing:

Indeed - who stores numbers in a 24 bit integer in this day and age?

Maybe they’re preparing for when they have that number of listings :slight_smile: