The Nurseries Dundrum

I went past this location today but it was shut off and can only see one 4 bed house on MyHome. The website has no useful information except inviting a phone call from Sherry Fitz.

Any insight into this development? Expected completion date? Pros and cons of living on Taney Road? Thanks.

I think most of phase 1 are sold out, only a couple of houses left at circa €900k. Timing of Phase 2 (about 6-8 houses) is unclear too.

Someone who went there for the viewing of Phase 1 said they were quite small and badly laid out with tiny gardens. There is only pictures online of 1 detached house so I can’t get a good idea of what they are offering.

Phase 2 has just launched, prices starting at 840k for 122 sqm, up to 950k for 142 sqm 4 beds. This will be a real test for the SCD new build ‘family’ home segment of the market. Watch this space.

Here are the sale prices for Phase 1, some of which closed in Q2/3 2020 (post Covid)

For comparison, 10 Taney Green, which is literally around the corner, sold for €910k in June 2020.

What do people think of this estate? I went in the other day & think it looks lovely. Is €880k a lot for new build on Taney road?

No it’s really cheap actually. Buy 2.

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Has anyone some real feedback?, my budget is c.850K but don’t know Dublin all that well.

It’s a good area, close to the LUAS, Dundrum Town Centre and excellent schools, but €6.4K per sq. m. is steep. Very bland designs.

I’d prefer this bigger house around the corner

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Thank you

You could buy an older house for about 650 and spend 200 on a amazing renovation and have a much better home that you won’t want to move out of in 10 years, the gardens on new builds suck and what you get very little for your money.

200k on an amazing renovation? maybe 5 years ago, double it at least.

Thank you for your feedback.Difficult to get anything in this area for €650 k aswell.

Agreed. It’s crazy

Here are the prices for sales in The Nurseries, including VAT.
Was mentioned previously that this development would be a good litmus test for the new build family home segment of the market in SCD - as we have sales pre-pandemic and post-pandemic.
Based on these numbers, the demand is still there.
Crazy money IMO.