The ongoing attack and subversion of Children via sporting supported by LIDL

The full spectrum attack by the Menace knows no borders, total subversion of Ireland is still the order of the day, every culture and institutional entity is infiltrated and the process of circling these wagons to bring inthe final solution continues.

New LGFA rules allow transgender girls to play Gaelic football – but not everyone is happy

Flatten the curve curve the flatten


It’s great news for women like me - back training now.


Fascinating, but incredibly dark and if you read or listen to those words you are being told by the one voice of the menace you are all to be levelled. You are being levelled / destroyed. How we are doing it is by releasing the suppressed psyche of the woman, the fiercest warrior etc. etc. They know what they are doing. This is VERY dark tune to use as well. Menacing beats. Dark bass.

Another reason to boycott LIDL


YES - 5.8%
NO - 94.2%

90%+ according to both twitter polls, do not want this.



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Yes. And Aldi. Them 2 are a fucking cancer of the food stuff. In general there is roughly 10% of foodstock on the shelves of Irish supermarkets which is safe to eat. In them 2 less than 1%.