The *other* floppy haired one

I see they nailed Blagojevich of Illinois and he faces up to 300 years in prison. What’s the bets that if he lived long enough to serve the full term, we’d still never have seen anything like it in Ireland?

Woo-hoo! Go Team America.

WTF is wrong with the legal system here?

And people? Even when you do have someone jailed for corruption, their colleagues ‘vote’ them on holiday…

And Michael flippin’ Healy-Rae got 3,600 phone votes from Dail Eireann?

We dont do corruption charges here because we’re too corrupt, what we’ll get is a patsy/scapegoat to try and appease public sentiment and the national broadcastor Pravda blazing away on behalf of the government showing what a great job all concerned with the conviction did and the 5 year sentence was appropriate although he/she will be out in 18 months, but in the meanwhile it’ll be business as usual for the rest of them with no one to really answer for the crimes our grandchildren will be paying for.
And if someone should bring it up in the future it’ll be a case of ‘sure dat all happened in de past, Ireland is different now’, we’re not a country we’re a fu**ing cautionary tale.

in case anyone didn’t see that