The paddocks, Maryborough Hill Cork

This might be instructional as to the fall in values in cork

I note 3 neighbouring houses for sale here:

One at €1.45M
and one at €1.50M

and finally this one which according to treesdontgrowtothesky had been on at €1.1M and was cut to €0.9M.

Finally (get to the point man) it was auctioned a couple of weeks ago.

Is what price it sold for in the public domain ?

What is the attraction with Maryborough Hill?
Crap Public Transport.
Constant Traffic at the fingerpost roundabout.
Douglas Village (the nearest village) is a kip where footpaths are for parking 4x4 and taxis and the price of a pint is more expensive than pubs in town.
All the pubs are mirror images of each other. not one pub has any character.
Restaurants are another joke where the food and decor suck. Hopefully the new amicus restuarant will bring some healthy competition and lift the standards.

1.5 million. what a joke…
Picked up for buttons pre boom.

Rant over. BD

I don’t want to live there but i take your points. Is the south county still there? That wasn’t too bad (if smoky) a few years back… ahhh the good old days…

I’m just interested in a measurable price comparison in the unusual situation of three similar houses being for sale at widely varyign prices and a verifiable auction result perhaps ?

Anyone know how to find out the Auction result?

I’ll answer my own question. IRO €810,000 it seems for the same or similar house(s) … qqqx=1.asp