The Pain in Spain

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I got chatting to a guy in the Costa del Sol a few months back. He was on a selling trip to Spain after buying 5 properties in the area in the last 5 years. 2 of the apartments have squatters, which are proving difficult to shift, the other 3 have been on the market for 8 months+ with no interest. With 2 ex-wives he reckons he’s f&%ked if he can’t unload them soon.

BeTheHokeys transcript from Liveline

interesting outlook, so if I get a loan on a car and then someone crashes into it and writes it off I stop paying the loan repayments?

To be fair to her though, Spanish property law seems pretty nasty. Apparently the government can take up to 90% of you property if they feel you are not using it ( to prevent landbanking speculation I believe)

Why do people think Joe Duffy has the answer to everything?

Well Joe seem to think nothing of that approach so it must be OK:

That is only in Valencia and it was enacted for the good of the poor. The law has been abused by builders to rob peoples land. It should have been amended but as with all politicians they are lazy good for nothings and only do stuff when their lobbies get pissed off.

Lots of properties in Spain are being demolished because they were built illegally. Some had no planning permission, some had planning granted by corrupt councils even though the councillors knew it was illegal to build on the land.

Bertie/FF would have been in their element down there.

slightly OT but:

with 2 ex-wives he’s phuqed no matter what he does - even if he wins the lottery he’ll have to give each one at least half of it… but that’s the Irish legal system for you.

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