The Paul Krugman Thread


Good, at least they are better than ‘free markets’


What Economic Research Says About Fiscal Austerity and Higher Tax Rates - Robert P. Murphy -> … rates.html



I believe Mr Taibbi has a very successful career as a writer. I fail to see how where he lives bears any relevance to his ability as a writer.True, like yourself he has little knowledge of finance or economics but unlike yourself he is talented, entertaining, successful and influential. Of course he should promote himself, that’s what writers do, duh. Perhaps you should examine your own shortcomings and work on your social skills.

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And from Mother Jones


What kind of b/s is this? Federal Gross spending went from $2t to $3t from 2001 to 2008 under Bush and then in four years of Obama it went from $3t to $3.8t. What spending splurge??



That’s just 2 legs bad, 4 legs good. Paul Krugman once tried to be an economist but he’s reduced himself to the status of internet troll engaging in partisan politics for the sake of goading people to comment on the NY Times site (which they have to pay for). In the first line he admits he did not see nor read the transcript and based on hearsay he went on to throw insults around. Even if you don’t like the political opposition, are those the standards you expect?


You may have a point there but Krugman is by his own admission a political commentator. The title of his blog says as much.

And, you have to admit, he has done a fine job of showing up Paul Ryan for the lying bastard he is.

Could we rely on other sections of the media to do such a good job? I doubt it.


US 10 year bond continuing to rise slowly but surely. 1.99% now which is a 10 month high. I know it’s still obviously ridiculously low, but we all know what will happen when the rates return to ‘normal’ levels…


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Why does Krugman think Britain is having austerity? … onal-debt/


He’s got a bad dose of apolithorismosphobia.


And the Austrians want the economy to be ethnically cleansed and remade into a free market nirvana.

I wonder how many votes that policy platform would get in an election.


Whose worried about votes when you can have free market anarchy.

The Art of Not Being Governed: An Anarchist History of Upland Southeast Asia -> … ideal.html


What do you mean by ‘ethnically cleansed’? And what Austrians believe a free market will lead to nirvana?


Ask BR, he knows Exactly what I mean :wink:


I’m asking you though. Now answer my questions: What do you mean by ‘ethnically cleansed’? And what Austrians believe a free market will lead to nirvana?


I think Rick is referencing the prominent racist, eliteist and social darwinist in the Austrian School who was a friend of David Duke.