The Paul Sommerville Thread

For all things Paul related.

Moore not a happy bunny.

believed to be announcing formally on Vincent B tonight that he is running in the Dail dublin south east

He’s running!!

Great news, let’s hope he gets in before the Finance bill is passed and he can re negotiate the IMF deal

How would one go about contacting Paul if you wanted to help put up posters?

Google isn’t being very forthcoming.

I’ve emailed him about some newspaper articles at:

EDIT: See Ray’s post for a more up-to-date contact email:

TV3 put up a contact address as infoATpaulsommervilleDOTcom

Just for the hard-of-giving-a-shit; who is Paul Somerville?

Just caught the end of Vincent Browne - wondering what the email address to Paul Sommerville is about?

Oh you mean Paul Somerville??? No, Ive never heard of him. Is he an autobot or a decepticon?

Runs Delta Index. Quite a clever chap who has been consistently right about the economic slide.


Paul’s no longer involved in Delta Index

Whats the day job then ?

Pow, Blat, Wham.

Socking it to idiots.

Watching Vincent last night, I liked the way Paul is pushing for a Independents alliance type Dail to compete against the crony type structured parties we have now.

An example of Paul Sommerville on TV for you needle.

Paul and Jackie Healy ray Junior

saving de country…

I think he’s going to be sorely dissapointed.

I like Paul, and I like Peter Matthews, I even hope they get elected.

I think PM made a good show of himself last night - PS tends to get a little hot under the collar fairly easily and is a touch idealistic - I worry he’ll get in realise how futile it is in there and leave alla George Lee.

He is undoubtedly clever and definitely has the best of intentions for the good of the country.
I also like his idea that the governing party use him and McW and PMathews as elected experts.

I think PM joined the wrong party!!!

I think he’s more ruairi quinn than Leo varadkar