The % pay raise/cut/freeze thread

Since it’s coming to the end of the year and everybody is aware of the financial difficulties ahead, you’d expect companies to be clamping down on inflation-busting pay raises. Here we just write down in % terms how much better or worse off our pay packets will be next year.

Up 3.5%
Was 2% at first but I pointed out that I had moved up a “grade” and was offered an extra 1.5% as a lump sum.

No change. Probably be out of contract at the end of March.

no change.
wife may lose her job.

Started September so probably no change until Sep 09 anyway, no idea after that

Mrs. O contracting til June, 50-50 on renewal at the moment

+4% plus small bonus just received. Mind you, no increase or bonus since 2006.

Jack S**T here…


We’ve had a good year, and next year is still holding up well (would have been better if not for various external factors!). Going to stick my neck out: 10% bonus and 10% minimum pay increase on review in New Year (have been recently promoted but pay review not due till 09).

If this all comes a cropper I’ll update… :laughing:

a very modest raise


Have been asked to take a 15% cut…have organised a job interview for next week…not keen on leaving where I am, so if offered this new job (there’s a fair to strong chance I will be), then will try & use it to call their bluff here.

Trouble is, they don’t do bluffs usually & could very well say, well done, thanks, now F. off.

-10% and still in consultation period. Number of staff to be cut yet to be decided…

Watch this space :frowning:

0% wage increase, did get a 6% bonus though.

4% increase, and I am told that was among the highest increases given. Most people in the organization got 0-2%.


Got a bonus, but salaries have been frozen.

Funnily enough the company is cash rich and still making significant profits, but the outlook for next year has led management to freeze salaries.

-15% introduced last month, to guarantee a job until Christmas, after Jan 1st its crystal ball time.


2nd October No commission/bonus
3rd October 20% pay cut

Works out at about 30%

I am hoping for a hefty christmas bonus though as I am run off my feet and need to be shown some love or I am off.

Unfortunately “management” want to maintain their drawings while doing little work.